Expedition artist Danielle Eubank was celebrated at a special reception on November 12th – One Artist Five Oceans & Ocean Resiliency: A Call to Action! The event took place at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Her beautiful paintings inspired by her love of oceans were on exhibit while the attendees sipped on wine and nibbles.
Danielle Eubank, with her paintings; all photos by Richard Bilow

Danielle has completed a 20-year quest on open waters to capture the state of the oceans. She continues to inspire and educate the inhabitants of this planet with her call to action to save and protect our oceans!

It was an honor to meet her. Kudos to Charlene Palmer (owner of C Gallery Fine Art), who approached the Aquarium, and ultimately produced the Call to Action event.
Danielle Eubank with Charlene Palmer

After the reception, we were ushered into the Honda Pacific Visions Theater to watch a short film…which was thought provoking and brilliantly shot. A documentary of Eubank’s journey was also screened. Then a panel of impressive environmental pros moderated by Dr. Christine Whitcraft, offered advice addressing how we, the residents of this earth can make a difference. The panel included: Danielle Eubank, Jennifer Lentz, Ph.D., Dr. Christopher G. Lowe, Justin Luedy, and Alison Spindler-Ruiz, AICP.

“We are all connected in this world, just like the oceans are all connected,” said Eubank. “There are many easy things each of us can do to help water and mitigate climate change.”
The panel discussion after screenings in the Honda Pacific Visions Theater 

The artist said she loved being on the panel. “It was a huge honor to speak with such notable scientists and policy experts. Everyone can help, regardless of your background. We all have something to offer.”

In addition to painting all of the oceans of the world, Eubank documents her journey via her photography. She has completed four international sailing expeditions.

When asked if she thinks attendees became more knowledgeable about environmental issues, she replied, “I hope that everyone observes water a little closer than before. I hope that they think about it. I hope they grow passionate about it, if they weren’t already.” Find out more about Danielle Eubank on her website https://www.danielleeubank.com/ Her work is currently on view at C Gallery Fine Art https://cgalleryfineart.com/
A beautiful nightime photo at the The Aquarium of the Pacific; by Richard Bilow;

Panelist names, with full titles (with credentials) of all of the panelists at the November 12th Call to Action event.
Danielle Eubank / Expedition Artist – Featured Presenter of One Artist Five Oceans & Ocean Resiliency: A Call to Action!
Jennifer Lentz, Ph.D. / LEED Green Associate Education Coordinator for Climate Resilient & Citizen Science Programs Aquarium of the Pacific

Dr. Christopher G. Lowe / Professor and Director of the CSULB Shark Lab, Dept. of Biological Sciences / California State University Long Beach
Justin Luedy / Environmental Specialist, Planning and Environmental Affair / Port of Long Beach
Alison Spindler-Ruiz, AICP / Planner & Budget Specialist, Long Beach Development Services, Planning Bureau, City of Long Beach, CA
Christine Whitcraft / Associate Professor, Biological Sciences (Moderator)