ModoMio30th-diningroomModo Mio Restaurant opened in 1985 and is still bringing it’s unique, delightful and quality Italian experience to Pacific Palisades. It is located inside The Village of Pacific Palisades, with an ambiance that is both inviting and relaxing. When you step inside, you feel you as if you are in Italy. It is like a mini vacation. Modo Mio’s owner, George, has infused his restaurant with homeyness and authenticity. 

There was a fine array of wines, appetizers, entrees and desserts at the 30th anniversary celebration. Modo Mio Cucina made sure their guests felt appreciated.

ModoMio30th-appetizerIf you enjoy fine wine, this is the place to go. At the anniversary party, Beau provided guests with the perfect wine for them. All you had to do was let him know what you liked, and he poured you a beautiful glass of Italian wine. The wine flowed freely. Considering that Beau is a waiter and not a sommelier, his knowledge proved quite impressive. It also served as testimony to the highly trained and hospitable employees you will encounter at Modo Mio Cucina. They will gladly attend to your every need, ensuring a quality dining experience. (Can I mention that the waiters were adorable…)

The two appetizers I was most impressed with were the Caprese E Pomodoro and the Mosaico Di Peperoni, with the Mosaico Di Peperoni being my personal favorite. The mozzarella in the Caprese E Pomodoro was magnificently creamy, the way only real mozzarella can be. And the goat cheese in the Mosaica Di Peperoni perfectly accented the tri-colored peppers and sun dried tomatoes.

AsModoMio30th-Ravioli2jpg far as the entrees go, they were all fabulous. The Pollo Alla Diavola was pounded thin and tender. The sauce on the fluffy Gnocchi Modo Mio was unique and delicious. The Rigatoni Alla Melanzane was cooked to al dente perfection, with sauce that was rich and full and complimented by the tender pieces of eggplant. But, the star of the show was the Ravioli Dello Chef. How many ways can one say “YUM”? They were light, creamy and melted in your mouth.

Plus, there were big baskets of breads provided (including rosemary bread) to sop up the delicious sauces with, so not a drop of the fine flavors needed to go to waste.

After all that, there was a dessert spread consisting of Tiramisu, Apple Tart, and a Modo Mio CuModoMio30th-desertcina specialty named The Sweet Nuns. They are adorable mini delights, perfect for when you want something sweet but are too full to have dessert. Just a little bite will do ya!

I know I will be going back. It will be hard not to repeat the raviolis, but I want to see what other delights Modo Mio has to offer. The prices are extremely reasonable. The restaurant is located at 15200 W Sunset Boulevard, Pacific Palisades, CA, and there is free parking. One can’t ask for more! I encourage you to take this quick trip to Italia.