Our POW-Madzo I SingPick of the Week takes place this Saturday. The new exhibition entitled “Curious Arrangements” featuring collage artist Michael Madzo opens at Couturier Gallery.

It is times like these that I truly love my job. I am fascinated by Madzo’s work, his process and his vision of the world. Hope to see you at the opening.

See image: Sing Of These Things Exactly As They Are, 2014, 31″ x 27″ framed; paper, acrylic and cotton thread.

I was inspired by Madzo’s original take on art. A seamstress of sorts, he actually “sews” his work together. At first glance, the stitching goes unnoticed, but when one draws closer, the re-assemblaged core is revealed.

POW-Sat-Feb22-Couturier-MMadzo-AllisNearHis work consists of layered paper and paint evolving into a beautiful piece of art with an incredible amount of dimensions. The tiny portions or segments of his art offer hidden yet weighted meanings. Each work of art reveals a very different story when viewed up close…almost like a tiny bustling city must appear to a massive giant.

See image: All Is Near And Cannot Be Touched, 2014, 34″ x 29″ framed; paper, acrylic and cotton thread.

I love what this artist is saying….Check out this You Tube Video featuring Madzo’s process. It’s truly fascinating. According to the artist….”We are bound by some unifying force, whether its indivdually or culturally or in the sense the universe…”

Here’s Couturier Gallery’s take on Michael Madzo’s work and his new show titled “Curious Arrangements.”

TPOW-Feb22-Couturier-Madzo I Am An Ordinary Manhe hallmark of Madzo’s work are collage paintings, created by appropriating printed material which he cuts up, reassembles to produce yet other images, then painted over and stitched together to create wholly new original work.

See image: I Am An Ordinary Man Lost In Dreams, 2014, 38″ x 30″ framed; paper, acrylic and cotton thread.

“Curious Arrangements” marks the return of Michael Madzo to the gallery after a 12 year absence. Madzo’s collage paintings are made from many pieces of paper, usually cut from book plates, and assembled to create a visual tapestry upon which he applies acrylic paint to further alter and obscure the original printed material. Finally, each piece is stitched together with thread, giving the work permanence as well as adding an unexpected texture.

POW-Feb22-Madzo My WorldlinessIn these new works, Madzo shifts his focus slightly towards the painted surface and renders the collage arrangement as a means of ‘drawing’ on which to build his capricious compositions. The curious and often surreal themes suggest references from folklore to frescos, and are arrived at through an intuitive sense of form and color.

See image: My Worldliness Is Gone (Only I Remain), 2013, 33″ x 26″ framed; paper, acrylic and cotton thread.

Madzo has exhibited throughout the United States as well as France and Mexico. His work may be found in public/corporate collections including ICC, Los Angeles, CA; Saatchi & Saatchi, London; Vendôme Investissement, Paris; and Searle Drugs, Skokie, Il.

On view: February 22nd – March 29th

What: Opening reception
Where: Couturier Gallery, 166 N. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036
When: 6:00 – 8:00 pm  Saturday, February 22nd
Phone: 323-933-5557
Website: www.couturiergallery.com