HappyNewYearNeedless to say there are not many art openings this week, or many FREE events, which of course is my favoroite.

However, there is still lot’s going on for the new year!…..stay home with family and friends or party out all night….whatever you do, pick a designated driver or plan on staying at a friend’s house. Start the year off right….don’t take any dangerous chances.

What’s my Pick of the Week?….it’s so subjective. I will be with my honey and some good friends.

If you are into crowds, and want to spend some money…check out Saturday’s events.

Or if you are on a budget, for an inexpensive night in, head to Trader Joe’s and buy some tasty appetizers, get yourself a bottle of bubbly and snuggle up with someone you love, whether that be a person, cat or dog.

It’s a great time to set some new goals, revise some old ones and start Fresh!