Happy New Year to all our Jewish friends. Our Pick of the week…is the 30th anniversary of the Abbot Kinney Festival, which takes place this Sunday. Always a fun event for us locals, each year the event has been attracting more and more people from all over the LA area and of course tourists (both national and international).

I have been attending since I first arrived in POW-Sunday-Sept28-AbbotKinneyFestival2014LA (1999). I even performed at the event (and got my photo on the cover of the Argonaut….funny…now I am writing for the local paper).

As always there will be bands…(though there seems to be way more DJs this year than ever before (boohoo) and a spoken word stage….really?? Sorry sometimes the noise from the festivalis too loud for acoustic music…not sure how that is going to go. 

My favorite part of the festival is the shopping. Vendors from all over come to participate in the event. There are some truly original vendors. Art, ceramics, clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, and lots more.

Lets not forget all the food trucks located in several food court areas and of course the beer gardens. This year, you can reserve a Beer & Spirit Garden Early Bird Fast Pass: www.purplepass.com/abbotkinneyfestival

As always, art will be part of the festival. artist Gary Palmer This year the Abbot Kinney Festival will host a mini chalk art festival on Westminster Ave, between AK and Electric Ave.

Come by and see internationally recognized chalk artists plying their skills on our streets. Local artists such as Gary Palmer, Rob Dew, and more will participate. The European tradition of street art goes back hundreds of years and we think Venice is ripe for such a festival. A kid’s section will also be featured.

Also available for purchase are three different commemorative posters this year! The posters feature works by renowned Venice artists Ed Moses, Laddie John Dill and Tom Everhart. Posters can be purchased at the Merchandise booth at the festival or click here to buy online.

POW-AKFest-LaddiejohndillPosterSee image: 2014 Poster – John Laddie Dill

Remember….this is Venice. if you don’t anywhere close by…and you have a bike, leave the car at home…

Bike Valet Stations are located at each end of Abbot Kinney Boulevard: one at Venice Boulevard, one at Main Street.

If you have to drive…
Official Festival Parking Lots are located off Electric Ave at Brooks, Santa Clara, Milwood & Venice. Festival parking is valet for $25 (ouch). But be aware…part of your parking fee at an official lot goes back into the festival coffers that go back into the Venice community!

What: Abbot Kinney Festival

Where: Venice Blvd to Brooks Ave.
When: 10:00 am till 6:00 pm
Website: http://abbotkinney.org/