POW JeanieMadsenFlyerOur Pick of the Week takes place at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery in Santa Monica. 

“Say What?” features the work of artists Dillon, Johnny Romeo and Jennifer Verge.

Los Angeles native, Dillon is a up and coming street artist whose work can be seen all over LA.

Dillon started as an artist in the traditional sense then later was drawn to street art. “Both parts of the same process for me,” cites Dillon.

POW JeanieMadsen Dillon Marilyn“It is just a matter of what mode I’m in. Sometimes I put up some street art and I think no one cares or even recognizes it. Then it gets a strong response, which motivates me to create more art. It is cyclical, but I’m a slave to it now.” He laughs, “I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. Once you realize how easy it is to express yourself on a massive level it is hard not to.”

See image: Dillon, Marilyn

Dillon considers himself a binge artist, explaining…”I go through long periods of writers block and wont make art for a month or a month or so.”

The work of artist Johnny Romeo will also be part of the show. Inspired by the commercial world of advertising and branding, he pokes fun of the media’s role in today’s world and how it dictates modern consumers’ lives.

SPOW JohnnyRomeo Rough Spyder Rideree image: Johnny Romeo, Rough Spyder Rider, 2013, acrylic and oil on canvas

“Pop culture has always fascinated and intrigued me. It constantly inspires me,” says Romeo. “I grew up watching TV. I was fascinated by the stories and lives I saw on TV. Actors were my earliest heroes and TV helped create for me so many fond childhood memories. As a result, my images are often recollections of my childhood. Those impressionable things I saw as a kid that somehow never quite left me.”

Jennifer Verge considers her art Urban Pop/Street. She explains, “I use found objects different textures and statements that hopefully creates an experience that affects the viewer at the gut level.”

POW JeanieMadsen JenniferVergeAdventure Verge has been painting for the past seven years. She talks about how her art has evolved…”It all changed when I went from working on canvas to wood and had the courage to paint statements that reflected what I was thinking or feeling.”

See image: Jennifer Verge, Adventure Acrylic Mixed Media on Panel

For more information about the artists see websites http://destroyrebuildrepeat.com/dillon/; http://johnnyromeo.net/; http://jenniferverge.com/

On view: Oct 5th – Oct 31st

What: Opening reception
Where: Jeanie Madsen Gallery 1431 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica CA  90401

When: Saturday October 5th 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Phone: (310) 393-7436
Website:  JeanieMadsenGallery.com