This Saturday, April 4, Hive Gallery presents its 10 Year Anniversary show featruing over 200 artists!!!  It’s going to be a great art party! So nice to see a gallery that truly supports artist still standing after TEN years. Owner Nathan Cartwright is also a fabulous artist himself. If you have never been to the gallery, it’s quite large with different spaces for artists and a couple of main rooms. Always a fun art party here. Here’s the line-up.

Featured Artist 1: Peter GPOW-Sat-April4-HIveoode
Featured Artist 2: ChinaCat 663
Tall Wall: POP SWAP an international art swap between Dream Factory artists (Frankfurt, Germany) and The Hive Gallery

+ Grand release of HIVE TAROT 6 DECK (limited ed.1 to 100) – $20
+ First 100 attendees to receive ROYAL JELLY 2 DVD (a full length documentary/history of the hive, new interviews, animations and films)

Best of The Hive: A large group show of artists who have been featured at The Hive Gallery in the past or near very future

William Zdan, JT Steiny,  Airom Bleicher, Steven, Wireboss, Darden, Michelle Orozco, Irene Garcia, Nate Seubert, Billy Dyson, Michael Ryan,  Jose Javier Carabes, Mike Bilz, Nicole Waszak, Orion, Farida Lam, Lisa Moneypenny, L.Croskey, Charles Swenson,  rendan Sharkey, Eric Hamm, Ted von Heiland Jr, Anna Chung von Heiland, Tokyo Jesus, Walt Morton, Jaime Jiminez, Caitlin Clarkson, Deanna Adonna, Frank Venadas, Darcy Yates, Jared Yamahata, Jimi Martinez, Edward Cao, Sunny Jin, Ron Outlaw, Apricot Mantle, Roxanne Morataya, Tas Limur, Heidi Calvert, Marisa Silos, Jinx Art, Nikki Garcia Poling, Teodor Martin Dumitrescu, Ken Dougherty, Adam Roth, JT S and others.

Hive Family Reunion: A group show of artists who have held residency at the Hive for at least 6 months in the past and are continuing to work as artists outside of our beehive community!

Leyla Akdogan, Walt Hall, MPOW-Sat-April4-HIve-insideGalleryeagan Boyd,  Dulcinea Circelli, Glenn Fox, Sara Hedstrom, Yuki Miyazaki, Ave Rose, Macsorro, Laura Diamond, Dominique Lopez, Douglas Alvarez, Tooter, Steven Umana, Mark Hans Posey, Radhika Hersey, Tom McDermott, Diana Levin, MaraCole, Daniella Batsheva, Catherine Kaleel, Carol Powell, Paul Torres, David Boe, Boxcar Joe, Christian Hernandez, and others.

New Avatars in Hiveland: Every year, new artists are allowed to create an avatar for our Hiveland project. Hiveland exists in a parallel universe to the Hive. It has distinct realms and characteristics where these avatars live, compete, create and play – Anthony Stewart, Eric O’Neill,  Jade Goegebuer, Alo De Leon, Aanchal Anand, Nicole Filiatrault, Rick Strieck, Joey Rotten, Nicole Waszak, Zoetica Ebb, Jason Bud.

POP SWAP: A collaborative artist swap project between the Hive Gallery and Dream Factory (Frankfurt, Germany). The Hive has sent a number or artworks from LA and Japan to the Dream Factory and here’s the list of artists coming to The Hive: Vitxy (Spain) / John Jenkins (USA) / Marc Remus (Germany) / SPOT (Germany) / Max Cantrell ( South Africa/Spain) / Tim Lee (USA) / Lisette Chavez (USA)

Middle room tunes provided by: Super POW-Sat-April4-HIve-superbeeBee (see pix)

“The Hall of Honey” HIVELAND INSTALLATION: This installation (video, sculpture and painting) is an enormous collaboration between artist/curator Nathan Cartwright and some of his favorite artists at the Hive. Artists have painted larger than life statues to represent their avatars in a fantasy realm that has been dubbed Hiveland. The installation lies above the gallery walls and stretches about 20 foot throughout the front room of The Hive.

Christopher Ulrich, Nathan Cartwright, TEWSR, Stephen Holman, Stephanie Weitekamp, Arlou Somo, Steven Lopez, Macsorro, Luciano Martinez, and others.

Performance art and cake cutting by: Wilkinson the Butler

Featured Resident Artists:
Andrew Danielsen,  Cynthia Rogers, Daisuke Okamoto, Jennifer Korsen, Keli Arslancan, Ken Dougherty, Marcel DeJure, Patrick Haemmerlein, Stephen Holman, and more.

RPOW-Sat-April4-HIve-backflyeresident Artists:
Alain F. Norte, Ambar Januel, Andre Khazraei, Atsuko Yoo, Celine Ordioni, Dante Hill, David Reyes, Doug Meyer, Dulcinea Circelli, John Federico, Katherine Bingley, Keith Wong, Lichiban, Maritza Torrez, Mike Street, Naoshi, Nathan Cartwright, PAZ, Sam Salerni, Shrine, Stephan Canthal, Superpao, and more.

Stephanie Weitekamp, Gian Flores, Daisuke Okamoto, Maritza Torres, John Haley III

Food provided by: Karma
Drink Specials: Peking Tavern 10% off drinks for Hive Guests

On view: Apl.4th- May.2nd

$5 suggested donation on opening night (Donations help keep the Hive Alive)
10% off drinks at Peking Tavern

What: Group Show
Where: The Hive Gallery 729 South Spring St., LA 90014
When: 8:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Phone: 213 955-9051