Paint Ypygo logo paintswooshour Guts Out!® classes and workshops offer inspiring, life-affirming explorations through the creative side of you – even if you have never considered yourself an artist before! Choose from Teambuilding, Private Coaching, Intuitive Watercolors, Dream Mapping™ and Source Painting™. Of all the options, L.A. Source Painting™ Courses and Tuscany Retreats bring an especially liberating style of expression that is truly experiential and personally profound.

These courses evoke pure artistic freedom with paints by busting through any blocks and bringing you in alignment with creative confidence and authentic expression. Applying tempera paint on life-sized, 7′ easels, you are invited to “Paint as if you will Burn It!”

Participants enjoy sidestepping their inner critic and allowing colors and images to simply emerge without being planned. Unburdened by pressures to perform, produce, or compete, clients are able to experience deeply joyful, creative, freeing, and relaxing benefits. It can get messy, it can get wild, and it always gets rich! Learn more about the benefits and read testimonials.

PaintyourGutsOut-FlyerWhat do participants enjoy most?
• Experiencing a total sense of relaxation and “get-away” from life’s pressures and obligations
• Breaking through creative blocks around writing, design, and visual arts
• Accessing one’s unique visual voice, even if you’ve never painted before
• Coming away with feelings of rejuvenation, empowerment, aliveness, and wholeness
• Connecting purely and satisfyingly to self and like-minded people
• Painting big or small, inside or outside, with finger or brushes – whatever pleases the painter
• For the Italian Retreats:
o Having plenty of easy, beautiful moments in a gorgeious, carefree setting
o Easy access to extra activities, including hot air ballooning, massage, horse-back riding, wine tours, etc.
o Walking to the local village of Montisi to find it chock-full of farmers, wine-growers, and expats all mingling together for coffee, wine, live music, and laughs

Join us for an Intuitive Watercolors class on Friday Morning 9/19 or an Intro to Source Painting Class on Tuesday Evening September 23rd.

Life Inspired Collage classes for launching your dream life are starting on October 2nd. See more about our classes: