lowressonamirzaei untitled 2oftocContemporary artist Sona Mirzaei offers exceptional prices. All of her artwork will be 1/2 price till the end of the year.

This will include the latest pieces from In Search of Splendor in addition to featuring Tales of Copenhagen a collection completed during her time in Denmark. Splendor builds on Sona’s love of history and comprises works exploring events and personalities from Ancient Rome, Persia, and Europe in oils, abstract, figurative, and mixed media forms on canvas. Powerful and richly detailed works of art that keep within the place and time they evoke. Tales of Copenhagen on the other hand, demonstrates the range evident in her work by capturing a lighthearted and colorful representation of that enchanting part of the world.

SonaMirzaei2Sona recently participated in the Elephant Parade in Copenhagen this year, and now her elephant Triumph of Unity is on exhibition at the Asian Civilization Museum in Singapore where it will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s auction house in January 8th, 2012, to benefit Asian elephants.

A free spirit who was raised in Los Angeles, Sona Mirzaei left a career in finance in 2008 after choosing to embrace her calling as a professional artist. As she notes, painting has been part of her life since she was five years old so it was little surprise to her family and friends when she made the bold decision to make creating art her full time career. Although LA is one of the most competitive of markets, Sona’s persistence and determination to explore her craft and use her work in support of charitable causes, while making her art accessible to others, has gained her the respect of her peers and art lovers.

The elements of diversity and variety are regularly featured in her work combining her outlook on life with the creative expression of her many interests including music, classic literature, world history, international politics, and cinema. Sona is a true visionary and her passion for art transform and transcend virtually any given idea. Her work is timeless and reflects a hybrid of depth, emotion, and aesthetic appeal that always leaves one wanting to see more of what she has to offer.

For more info about Sona Mirzaei see her website, http://www.sonaart.com/