It is late one evening, in an Upper Westside New York city apartment. Two enthusiastic and determined mothers sit at the kitchen table, which is strewn with precious and semi- precious beads, gold and sterling clasps, wire everywhere. They are filling last minute orders, from a successful recent Trunk show. They sold almost every piece they brought. The kids are asleep…whew! They discuss the excitement of their customers´ reactions to their latest creations as one chides the other….”See, I told you they’d love the pink sapphire.” They sip a glass of Cabernet and breathe a sigh of accomplishment.
Micaso.NYC, the innovative, cutting-edge jewelry company was created by Piper Kupersmith and Patty Tedesco. Two friends and mothers who wanted to do something creative with their children. Cassidy, Piper´s daughter (then age 9) and Sonny and Michael, Patty´s sons (then ages 9 & 7) were all good friends and quite happy to have constant play dates with each other. Yes, they enjoyed helping with the jewelry, but would soon retreat to their bedroom to play with Lego. The parents, Kupersmith and Tedesco, soon learned how much they truly loved creating the jewelry. It established an artistic outlet, but also a sense of purpose, which so many mothers tend to lose when continuously putting their family’s needs first.

Piper Kupersmith and Patty Tedesco were indeed the first to wear Micaso.NYC. Soon to be noticed by friends and family, who also wanted the chance to wear this delicate and tasteful jewelry, they started to create more and more pieces. Having an issue with taking money from their friends, they began by giving their creations as gifts. But their friends insisted on more. They were willing to pay for this authentic elegance and kept hounding Kupersmith and Tedesco. In addition, the friends of friends were excited about the opportunity to purchase these wearable works of art. After quite a bit of encouragement from close friends and family, Piper and Patty created Micaso.NYC, which stands for Mi(Michael) Ca (Cassidy) and So (Sonny). Yes, the children who inspired this jewelry line.

Created out of love, family and friendship, Micaso.NYC is like no other jewelry around. Classically inspired, its unfettered originality stands on its own. Piper Kupersmith and Patty Tedesco keep their homegrown designs on the cutting edge by continuously searching for new materials and precious stones. Their love for what they do shines through these intricate, shimmering works of art.

Micaso.NYC, a mesmerizing, understated elegance that will make an impression on this ever-changing modern world. Classic Beauty inspired by an artistic, trend-setting grace that will stand the test of time. Micaso.NYC.
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