“Progression” is designed to show the conceptual character of dnj Gallery. The pieces are based upon certain notions and ideas. Art is an outlet for innovation and reflection. The different series are an alternate way to show their views. As a continuation of the previous exhibitions, since September, these dnj Gallery artists’ thoughts and beliefs, or fundamental ideas are revealed in a gradual advancement of their artwork through the years.
From top left to bottom right: Melanie Walker, Ray Carofano, Sia Aryai, Dylan Vitone

Sia Aryai defines beauty in his pieces. As he explains in one of his artist statements, “[t]his is the moment — today, tomorrow or yesterday — when innocence opens a window to eternity.” Aryai prints on painted, water-color paper to begin his aesthetic. But even though his images present the color, the shape and other outward features, it is the personality and spirit, the gestures and passion, and the overall inward sentiments that are apparent.

Ray Carofano’s photographs highlight the intersection between nature and the designed environment. Carofano employs graphic elements, playing with the specific visuals created by the photograph’s geometry, colors, and reflections. Taking ‘less-picturesque’ portions, Carofano’s carefully framed images reveal the not-so-hidden majesty of the situation. Conditions that could be considered appalling, on the contrary, appear alluring and serene.

Dylan Vitone accentuates man’s participation in his environment. Vitone makes extended portraits of communities through intimate observations of their everyday rituals. He confronts the viewer, yet still alludes to the sincerity of the documentation. In capturing the separate personality of each individual, he creates a conversation among the people.

Melanie Walker generates a kind of personal expression and reflection. She evokes feelings of mindfulness and thoughtfulness in her images by combining and manipulating images. Her work combines landscape images and glimpses of daily routine in ways that address the layered passage of time, sense of place and memory.

On view: March 23 – May 11, 2019

Where: dnj Gallery, 3015 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, 90405
Phone: 310.315.3551

Website: http://www.dnjgallery.net