Craft in America Center presents an art talk with Linda Gass in conjunction with its current exhibition, “Making Waves: Ocean Ecology and Craft.”

Linda’s presentation will take you on a photographic journey to the places that inspire her artwork, from the wilderness areas of California to significant water interventions in the American West. This talk is presented in conjunction with the Craft in America Center exhibition, “Making Waves: Ocean Ecology and Craft.” The talk will be streamed live via Zoom and Facebook. CLICK HERE for more info.

How do we respond to the effects of climate change, pollution and contamination on our water resources? What will inspire us to change our behavior? Artist Linda Gass makes artwork that uses beauty to encourage people to look at the hard environmental issues we face. Working in textile, glass and installation art, Linda’s artwork addresses the relationship between humans and the water and land that sustain them. Linda’s presentation will take you on a photographic journey to the places that inspire her artwork, from the wilderness areas of California to significant water interventions in the American West. Linda will share images of her artwork made in response to her experiences, her research and the environmental implications. She will also invite you into her studio to show you how her artwork is made: from initial concept sketches to the finished artwork. By the end you will have a new appreciation and awareness for water resources and the impacts of climate change and how art can play an important role in educating the public.

On view: – March 12 – June 19, 2021; CLICK HERE for more info; CLICK HERE to RSVP for the Zoom event; 

What: Art Talk
Where: Online
When: March 12, 2021; 11:00am