Recent work by artist, Mannig Gurekian, will be exhibited at Ten Women Gallery on Montana Ave in Santa Monica.

MApril2014-TenWomen-Mannigannig creates her unique hanging mobile sculptures by assembling natural materials such as wood, vines and pods gathered in her yard or during her nature walks. She adds painted details, beads, wires and other materials until the juxtaposition takes on a life and a distinct personality of its own. The challenge is in finding the right visual and physical balance between the elements to achieve the elegance, originality and playfulness that are the hallmarks of Mannig’s work.

Mannig will also be exhibiting several of her paintings at the gallery through April 15th. Modern artists like Calder, Matisse and Klee were important influences on Mannigs’ artistic sensibility, as well as her upbringing in northern Italy in an Armenian family of architects.

The work of Anthea Brown will also be on view this month:

British artist, Anthea Brown, is featuring her Year of the Horse and other original block prints and embroidery in her “Animal Farm” theme window at Ten Women Gallery beginning April 16th.

Anthea designs and carves all her own blocks and uses oil based printing inks on linen or bamboo paper. Each print is hand pulled on an antique French press. The finished image is made with several pulls using multiple hand-carved blocks. This traditional printmaking process ensures that no two prints are ever exactly alike.

AApril-TenWomen-Anthea - Horseframednthea’s hand embroidered, fairytale pieces will also be part of her Animal Farm display at Ten Women Gallery on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica until April 30th.

Ten Women Gallery on Montana is excited to welcome watercolorist, Pamela Harnois, to their group of talented artists.

Located at 1128 Montana Ave., in Santa Monica, Ten Women Gallery is open everyday from 10 am – 6 pm.

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