Finding love is an important part of life’s journey…remember it can happen at any age. Traveling with a loved one helps you reconnect, or in my case…launch a new and exciting adventure. Read about it on my sister site, which I launched with co-founder and now husband Richard Bilow. I write most of the articles and he takes most of the photos – of course there is a bit of overlap on that – we are foodies – so we also review lots of restaurants. See my article link below “Foodie Heaven!”

Finding love

My husband Richard and I have known each other since I arrived in LA…1999. I met him through an older man (20 years my senior) that I was casually dating at the time. There was a spark. Rich continued to appear in my life…showing up at my band gigs, parties, art events. I kept wondering why he would not ask me out. Turned out he was shy. Life happens when it’s supposed to…We are now married. I wrote a three-part series about our journey, and the honeymoon in Kauai.

This was an amazing trip…if you will be traveling to Kauai, be sure to check it out for some suggestions on what to do, and what to eat. If you are not in a relationship and may be loosing hope….don’t despair, you’re life can change in an instant. Be open and love will come. I truly never thought I would marry again. I hope you enjoy these articles – Finding Love Later in LifeHoneymoon on the Garden Island, and The Honeymoon Continues, Foodie Heaven.