Written by An Bar  –  As Sundance Film festival commenced its 10-day film extravaganza, LA Art Party ventured out to capture some of the most anticipated films and events of the New Year.

TheSundance1 music and film Mecca of Park City showcased some of the newest and brightest talent. Highlights from the festival included The Stella Artois Lounge that launched the opening festival by showcasing featured musicians, Capital Cities.

See photo of Capital Cities

The low-key, exclusive lounge hosted some of the newest and brightest filmmakers and talent. Capital Cities trumpet player, Spencer Ludwig, captivated audiences by taking the indie-pop band to the next level by infusing his jazz background with their classic upbeat tunes.

Sundance2Park City’s vibrant art scene came to life at Old Town Gallery where national news outlets interviewed painters and art consultant, Ashley Sorenson about the live, interactive window installation. The interactive gallery allowed for Hollywood natives to explore Park City’s art scene and connect with local artists in an inspired opening.

See photo -Live Installation – Ashley Sorenson

Matisyahu was the featured performer for the end of Stella Artois lounge’s opening weekend.

SSundance3ee photo: Matisyahu

As event goers sipped on cider and snacked on Belgium waffles, the lounge continued to invite filmmakers to escape the below freezing climate and relax to Matisyahu’s rock-rap fusion.

The premiere of the award nominated documentary, Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory, proved to be an inspiring journey to understand the power of music. By giving ipods to Alzheimer’s patients, the film guides viewers through the complications of cognitive decline and poses potential solutions to improve the livelihoods of an aging population.

Sundance4A Q&A with the filmmakers suggested the need for new programs that use music therapy to promote cognitive well-being. The Los Angeles based organization, Music Thinks (musicthinks.org) uses music therapy to promote efforts in cognitive and mental well-being and could be the innovative change needed to combat the incurable disease.

See photo: Alive Inside producers

Photos by Anya Baroff