TenJune-2014-TenWomenWindow Women Gallery celebrates Fathers this month…The theme for this month’s window is boats and the ocean in honor of Father’s Day.

“Our display features a model yacht that my father made in the fifties and sailed on summer holidays in Cornwall so it has a strong Fathers Day connection. The large painting next to the yacht is a watercolour of the ocean. Other ocean themed art in different media include a blue glass wave sculpture by Betsy Weston, a shell picture frame by Linda Fenster, felted fish by Monika Kwiet, an art photograph of boats by Fae Hotowitz, prints, ceramics, glass and handmade cards for Fathers Day.” – Anthea Brown.

Next up in window on June 16th is painter, Bibi Davidson:

“My paintings are my life stories, I paint them as if I would write a diary, it tells about the way I am, the way I feel, my events. The girl in the painting represents me in an awkward feeling situation, I love to use basic strong colors, I love to include in my work my life from the past, from the present and from the future.” Bibi.

To viJune2014-TW-BibiPicew more of Bibi Davidson’s work as well as the other artists of Ten Women Gallery visit www.tenwomengallery.com

Ten Women Gallery is a vibrant artist’s co-operative gallery showcasing 24 local women artists.

Located at 1128 Montana Ave., in Santa Monica, Ten Women Gallery is open everyday from 10 am – 6 pm.

For more information, visit www.tenwomengallery.com or call  310-393-6254.

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