On July 28, 2015, the creators of Comedy Central’s newest digital series, Broken People, will host a viewing party at the Nerdmelt Theater at Meltdown Comics.

SeBrokenPeople-Screen-Shot1e image: Screen shot of Jared Nigro and Taylor Orci

The event will feature a Q&A with the cast and crew, including stars/creators Taylor Orci and Jared Nigro, as well as Adam Newacheck, Scotty Landes, Anna Akana and Brandon Routh.

Broken People began as a web series created by Orci and Nigro (a real life couple) in 2012. The show follows the relationship of Taylor and Jared, two emotionally unstable people who shouldn’t be together but cannot be alone.

In 2013, Orci and Nigro’s YouTube channel released a parody video entitled “Bitchy Resting Face” that went viral, garnering 6 million views and landing Orci and Nigro on The Today Show. Now the creators, executive producers, writers and stars of their own show on ComedyCentral.com, their story is a perfect example of how to leverage a viral hit into more creative and commercial success.

Orci has also appeared in Comedy Central’s Kroll Show and NTSF: SD: SUV on Adult Swim, and was a staff writer on FXX’s Golan the Insatiable. Nigro is an alumnus of Groundlings Sunday Company and performed in bits for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Newacheck (Workaholics, Childish Gambino’s “The Worst Guys”) is the director. Landes (Workaholics, Adam Devine’s House Party) is the showrunner and executive producer. Routh (Superman Returns, Arrow, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) and Akana (Ant Man, 1.2 million YouTube subscribers) play Jared and Taylor’s neighbors, Slice and Pinches.

BrokenPeople-Screen-Shot2See image: Screen shot of Taylor Orci

The viewing party will run from 7-8 p.m. with live musical guests Julia Holter and R&B legend Aloha.

Tickets available for purchase – Click Here for $5 online, or $7 at the door.

Watch the first three episodes – Click Here

To find out more, email info@nerdmeltla.com

What: Viewing Party
Where: Nerdmelt Theater at Meltdown Comics, 7522 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90046
When: 7:00 pm 8:00 pm
Phone: 323.851.7223