RJJ withPenquin Dallasenowned photographer, J.J. L’Heureux recently returned from a whirlwind trip to Texas. She arrived in Fort Worth to a warm welcome. She attended two different engagements at local schools, where she spoke to eager children about her love of penquins as well as all of Antarctica’s inhabitants.

L’Herureux also spoke at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, on the same night as the opening. L’Heureux admitted, she enjoyed the big Texas welcome. She even commented on how amused she was at being called “little lady” by several endearing Texas locals.  “Everyone was so kind and welcoming,” explained L’Heureux. “It was a wonderful experience.”

If you are not familiar with L’Heureux’s work as a photographer and a fine artist, I highly encourage you to visit her website. Here at LA Art Party, we will keep you abreast of where and when her work will be on view.

L’Heureux has traveled all over the world for the sake of her art. She made her first trip to Antarctica back in 2000 and returns each season. Her book Faces from the Southern Ocean is simply breathtaking. L’Heureux was able to capture charming close-up images of so many of the animals that inhabit the Antarctic, including the wandering albatross, elephant seal, and Emperor and Royal Penguins.

This past year, L’Heureux has a busy schedule and with several upcoming exhibitions opening in 2014 such as El Dorado Nature Center in Long Beach, CA and the Lafayette Science Museum in Louisiana, Goddard Center in Oklahoma and the International Wildlife Museum in Arizona, just to name a few.

L’HFortWorth JJLHeureuxeureux’s work is currently featured in numerous museum exhibitions across the globe. In addition to doing speaking engagements all over the world about her work and adventures, she also lectures about the grave importance of saving wildlife that she has grown to love on such a deep personal level. 

If you find yourself near Fort Worth, or have friends that live near…let them know about the exhibit. Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is located at 1600 Gendy Street, in Fort Worth, Texas 76107. It will remain on view through February 9, 2014. http://www.jjlheureux.com/ http://www.penguinspirit.com/