Marshall Gallery presents a group exhibition titled Into the Uncanny Valley. The group show features the art of Kaya & Blank, Cody Cobb and Alex Turner. An opening reception with the artists was held on July 14 & 15, 2023. The exhibition runs through July 26, 2023. 

Into the Uncanny Valley

Image courtesy of the gallery

Into the Uncanny Valley

The group exhibition features new works involving concepts around machine learning, the socio-politics of geography, artificial aesthetics, and also urbanization. The artists explore these topics through nocturnal photographic and video-based practices to create or document enigmatic as well as potentially deceiving landscapes.

About Marshall Contemporary

Founded as Marshall Contemporary in 2018, the Marshall Gallery works to promote the work of photo-based artists. Featured photography offers an emphasis on process, printmaking craftsmanship and conceptual innovation. The gallery program includes an expanding series of dialogue-focused events including unique exhibitions, artist talks, workshops and art fair presentations. Therefore it strives to expand the conversation about photography’s ever-evolving place in contemporary art. The gallery is located at Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica.

On view: July 14, 2023 – July 26, 2023

What: Into the Uncanny Valley, group show
Where: Marshall Gallery Bergamot Station (A6), 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica 90405
When: Running through July 26, 2023