The Santa Monica Art Studios holds a holiday reception from 6-8pm this Saturday, December 7th. Co-founder, Yossi Govrin always takes an active part in planning the exhibitions and will be on hand as usual. A talented artist himself, stop into Govrin’s studio, you’ll find some incredible work such as his Nightwatch Series in different mystical scenarios.
SMAS MichelleKnapp I wanted to point out some of the artists who have shown at SMAS previously. I had the chance to interview several of them and found their fondness for SMAS, Yossi Govrin and and the staff was quite inspiring.
See image: Michelle Knapp, Oil 2, Oil, wood

Michelle Knapp has had the opportunity of showing her paintings at SMAS five times. “The Santa Monica Art Studios is such a unique space,” says Knapp. “Yossi Govrin has been a wonderful influence to me and my artwork. I have developed many special relationships with the artists in the Studio’s art circle.”

Isaura Sánchez will be featuring her paintings as part of the holiday show. The work that she will be showing original stemmed from tiny drawings. The artist has shown her work before at this venue. She explains, “Santa Monica Art Studios gave me the opportunity to meet international artists and present my art work to the people of Santa Monica and Los Angeles, for which I am thankful.”

Artist Steve Bernstein has had his art showcased at SMAS a total of seven times. “Santa Monica Art Studios is a great gallery, both to show in and to visit,” says Bernstein. “The spaces are varied and interesting, and the fact that the gallery was a hangar means that the huge roof gives a feeling of immensity. Complimenting the work in the galleries that make up a show, the artist studios bring a diversity of art that adds extra interest for visitors to the gallery.”

SMAS SteveBernsteinSee image: Steve Bernstein, Looking Down 25 Stories, Giclee dye sublimation on metal

Bernstein has been involved in in all six annual Kiwis in LA Art Show and Wine Tasting held at SMAS since 2008. He continues, “Yossi, Sherry and Evelina make Santa Monica Art Studios a place for innovation and experimentation. They encourage artists to grow and take on new challenges.”

The work of Lisa Segal has been featured at SMAS three times. “I have been a friend of the Santa Monica Art Studios since it opened and am friends with many of the resident artists,” cites Segal. I very much enjoy showing there. The artist uses a various materials to create her sculptures, such as cardboard, toothpicks, bamboo skewers, acrylic paint, graphite, ink, construction materials, resin and glue. Segal continues, “I have a constant urge to ‘make something.’ I explore materials or processes that appeal to me because of their tactile qualities. The artwork comes from playing around and exploring.”

What: Reception
Where: Santa Monica Art Studios, 3026 Airport Ave., Santa Monica. 90405
When: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Phone: 310.397.7449