Hamilton Galleries HamiltonGalleries-LOGOPresents “Dos Amigos” featuring artists Jim Wagner and Robert Walker.

Art is a collaboration between artist and viewer, artist and subject, artist and medium, and in this case, between two artists; two friends – Dos Amigos.

When noted New Mexican painter Jim Wagner saw the Dreamboat photos of longtime friend former actor Robert Walker, he was inspired to explore new territory. Jim has been an artist since childhood, flavors of which linger in his work as a quality of colorful imperfection that has wit, style, and irresistible charm. Bob once said, “If I could paint I would paint like Jim, with controlled abandon.

Since David O Selznick gifted him with his first camera, Bob Walker has been fascinated with photography. It was a long journey from his Brownie box camera to his Canon digital, and not unlike his buddy Jim, he is ever discovering the vision of the moment.

The subject of Dos Amigos is boats, Dreamboats. Bob showed his images to Jim and waxed on about the potential of his small $400 camera with its almost supernatural zoom lens and how back in the day with Dennis (Hopper) and Peter (Fonda) he would haul around a lens 1/4 as powerful that was at least 3 feet long. Well Jim said let’s do a show together and call it “Dos Amigos”. They went to a showing at the Hamilton Galleries and shared their idea with Warren who immediately set the date so they couldn’t back out.

Sat-Aug22-Hamilton-Dos-AmigosAh birth, what sweet moments. Then the real work…. Jim sending photos of his mono prints wowing Bob. Bob working with his printer to perfect his presentation, the magic comes together and laughter and joy ensue! Romance! They both thrive on it, the real authentic thing. The wisdom, grace and poetry of romance bring out the best in them. The courage it takes to be authentic is pure joy for these two. Authentic Romantics. Who else could make shipping freight so beautiful?

On View: August 22 – September 5

What: Opening reception
Where: Hamilton Galleries, 1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: (310) 451-9983
Website: http://www.hamiltongalleries.com/