On view at the Gabba Gallery…a group show titles “Outside Lies Magic” curated by Jason photo 2 1Ostro and Phil Santos.

“Outside Lies Magic,” is a group exhibition that brings the street art magic happening outside, into this nearly 2000 sq. ft. gallery. The need to express and the variety of expression is invigorating and palatable as the viewer experiences the seamless transition from outside into masterful artworks on the gallery walls.

Ostro and Santos offer the public an opportunity to experience the breadth of these artists creative expression. “Outside Lies Magic” is alive with works from artists such as Leba, a contender in the current OXYGEN Channel reality series “Street Art Throwdown.” Rene Gagnon a master of Street Art styles whom has been creating on the streets for almost 30 years and is compaired to Banksy. Moncho 1929 for his incredible thought provoking commentary work. “It’s no secret that I am in love with street art and street artists and am so happy to be here in LA as it grows into a worldwide movement and cultural obsession.” – Jason Ostro, Curator

ThGabba outside-Lies Magice street artists included in Outside Lies Magic continually create for the public and were selected as they blur the lines between street art and contemporary fine art, and are as follows: Alex Schaefer, Andrea LaHue, Angelina Christina, Bleep Bloop, Booleep, CANTSTOPGOODBOY, Cody Bayne, Dcypher, Gianni Arone, Greg Auerback, Hero, Jason Ostro, Jason Woodside, Jennifer Korsen, John Kilduff, Jules Muck, Keith Dugas, LEBA, Loudlabs, Lucas Raymond, MAR, MDMN, Moncho1929, Morley, Pastey White, Phil Santos, Peter Greco, Phobik, Raphael Grischa, Rene Gagnon, Sarah Sandin, Selfuno, Septerhed, Teacher, ThanksOne, Van Soro, Wordsmith.

The event is sponsored by 7/11, Hubert’s and Perrier.

On view: March 28 – April 18th, 2015

What: Exhibition
Where: The Gabba Gallery, 3126 Beverly Blvd. 90057
Phone: 310-498-2697

Website: www.thegabbagallery.com