There will be a special gathering at Artbug in conjunction with Felix D’Eon’s current exhibition. The additional art party takes place on August 24, 2023 from 5-8pm.

Artbug continues to celebrate artist Felix D’Eon, as well as the power of gender perspectives and inclusion with a solo exhibition by the renowned artist. Love & Marvels is the first solo exhibition to be mounted in his hometown of Los Angeles. The gallery hosted an opening art party on July 29, 2023, but it runs through August 26, 2023.


This is one more opportunity to view the exquisite showcase of D’Eon’s remarkable art. Also, this is a chance to engage in person with the artist. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of his works and gain deeper insights into his creative process.

Felix D’Eon

Felix D’Eon is a talented artist with a profound appreciation for various art-historical styles. Between Edwardian fashion, children’s book illustration, golden-era American comics, as well as Japanese Edo printmaking, he has created a body of work that transports viewers to an era of timeless beauty. The artist gives meticulous attention to detail as well as doing extensive research on costumes, settings, and style. Additionally d’Eon seeks to achieve perfect verisimilitude, crafting an illusion of antiquity that is truly remarkable.

Felix D'Eon

Artwork by Felix D’Eon

What sets D’Eon’s work apart is its exceptional ability to subvert the perceived “wholesome” image associated with vintage illustrative styles. They harness the inherent language of romance, economic power, and aesthetic sensibility found within these styles as a powerful tool to tell stories of historically oppressed and marginalized queer communities. By depicting images of queer love, seduction, sexuality, identity, and romance, D’Eon fearlessly strips away the taboo nature surrounding the queer subject, presenting it in all its authentic and beautiful essence. Through art, d’Eon aims to normalize and celebrate the experiences of the marginalized, placing them at the center of the narrative using rhetorical styles historically associated with empowerment and mainstream recognition.

About Artbug

Artbug is an LA-based art gallery with a clear mission: to enhance the visibility of Latinx artists and curators, through a multi-platform project located in the heart of the Arts District. We aim to host different and diverse voices, formats and pursuits by showcasing projects, exhibitions and events. We want to fill our physical space with the interest and participation of new visitors and collaborators.

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On view: July 29, 2023 – August 26, 2023; by appointment

What: Love & Marvels by Felix D’Eon
Where: Artbug, 2441 Hunter Street, Unit B, LA, 90023
When: August 24, 2023, 5:00pm – 8:00pm