Renowned dancer, choreographer, artist, and writer Simone Forti presents an evening of her sound works spanning over 50 years, arranged and performed by Forti and Tashi Wada with Julia Holter, Jessika Kenney, and Corey Fogel.
Feb1-2020-520Size-REDCAT-SimoneFortiWhile she is known primarily for her innovative approaches to dance and movement, Al Di Là highlights Forti’s integral use of sound through a score based on people’s profiles (Face Tunes), a contest between full-out singing and “pan-full-of-nails” percussion (Censor), melodic playing of corrugated tubing (Molimo), and a song of the Italian Alpine soldiers. From the homegrown Hippie Gospel Songs to the juxtaposition of domestic sounds and landscape imagery in Bottom, all the works will be orchestrated to create an enveloping experience of overlapping sounds and sights.

Other works in the program will include: Accompaniment for La Monte’s “2 Sounds” and La Monte’s “2 Sounds,” Censor, Largo Argentina, Throat Dance, Thunder Makers, and some surprises.

General Amission is $22; Members and students receive a discount; CLICK Here for more info, and to purchase tickets.

What: Performance
Where: REDCAT, 631 West 2nd Street, LA, 90012
When: Saturday, February 1, 2020; 8:30pm
Phone: 213 237-2800