FABstuido presents “Five Artist Show.” Curator, FlaFABstudiovio Alejandro Bisciotti aka FAB, has brought together a wide variety of mediums, such as paintings, sculpture, mixed media and collage in this exhibit.

Artists include: Hadiya Finley, Julienne Johnson, J.J. L’Heureux,  Stephanie Visser and special guest Javier De Aubeyzon.

Hasm-Aug1-FAB-Hadiya Finleydiya Finley’s sculptures will be included in the group show. Finley has been shown both nationally and internationally and was recently asked to do a large-scale sculpture in a public space in in Guangzhou.

See image: Hadiya Flinley “String figure”

Hadiya’s work is breathtaking. They have a simple yet mournful quality…I must admit I am a big fan of her work and happen to own one of her sculptures.

Artist Julienne Johnson is constantly creating. Creating her art six days a week, Johnson paints with her hands…averaging eight to ten hours a day. “I’ve always worked passionately with all disciplines of art, explained the artist, “so this is happy routine for me. I work best in stretches. I am very intense when I am making art and living in LA, it takes me time to settle down. For my spirit to settle down….melt into the work.”

As part of the exhism-Aug1 FABstudio JulienneJOHNSON 12x12in oilwithmixedmedia collage pigment transferson canvasbit, Bisciotti has chosen to show Johnson’s “La Suite Jany” series. “I believe I am seeing the influence of the late Jany Jansem, Jean Miro and my ongoing study of Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy, said Johnson.

See image: Julienne Johnson La Suite Jany 2013 # 2 12 x 12in

Peter Frank, (art critic and Editor of Fabrik Magazine) will curate a solo exhibition featuring Johnson at Taylor University in Indiana. “I’m very excited to be invited to exhibit at my own Alma Mater with the show opening on Homecoming weekend,” continued Johnson. “Homecoming and football are a very large part of campus life in the mid-west. So they are anticipating well over 1000 guests arriving on campus the night the show opens.” http://www.juliennejohnson.com/

Venice local, J.J. L’Heureux is an accomplished photographer who recently returned from an expedition to Alaska. She is active in many other mediums such as painting, collage, nature and docu-photography. Five Artist Show will showcase J.J. L’Heureux’s collage work, which she calls “Etichette.”

L’sm-JJ-LHeureux-90-39x39-collagewiththreadHeureux was first inspired to create these collages when she was in Italy visiting friends. The simple beauty and charm of Italian cheese wrappers, propelled her to start an entirely new series. A time intensive process, she hand sews each wrapper onto a color field background, which is also painted.

See image: J.J. L’Heureux, Etichette #90, 39″ h x 39″ w

L’Heureux explained, “I collected many labels locating the cheese factories and started constructing the collages in my studio some being 6 feet as many of the cheese labels are very large. My Italian friends started calling these pieces Etichette, I liked the word and my series began.”

The multi talented artist often works on several mediums at once…whether it be photography, painting or collage. She continues, “I am also currently working on my ‘Bergy Bit’ series of paintings from my expeditions to Antarctica and ‘Faces from the Southern Ocean’ series from my photographs taken in the Southern Ocean.” http://www.jjlheureux.com/ http://www.penguinspirit.com

Absm-StephanieVisser-1 NewWorkAnger 60x84stract artist Stephanie Visser also has a studio right here in Venice and has been actively involved with both the Venice Art Walk and the Art Block. She recently experienced a life-changing event, which deeply affected her art. Just last year, she was diagnosed with cancer and has undergone five surgeries and still has one to go. “I am not the same person, feel that I had a dress rehearsal for the real thing, said Visser….the one that ends my life…because something gets us all. I survived it. I proved to myself that I had the strength to face it. I came through changed, stronger, real.” Visser’s work took a complete turn after her illness. She will be showing work from her Emotion Series.

See image: Stephanie Visser, New Work  Emotion Series “Anger” Acrylic on Canvas 60 x 80″

All of my new work come out of events in my life last year,” said Visser. “In doing these pieces, my goal was to create strong work, emotional work, in the simplest way possible. Therefore the size…large. Detail is minimal…texture important….color…all done to evoke or provoke an emotion.”

Her new series, the emotion series, “features the basics we all feel, explained Vissser. “that make us more alike than different…no matter where we live, what we look like or how much we have. We eventually all face the same things…life is a great equalizer of people.” http://stephanievisser.com/

And finsm-Aug1-FAB-Javierally, special guest and Argentinian artist Javier De Aubeyzon has also been invited to participate in the exhibit. Bisciotti has selected works from two of the artist’s themed series, “Evironment” and “Nature.” The artist explains, “My technique is traditional, oil on canvas. The idea is to use a style that is clear and accessible, to reach my audience with this contemporary topic – an environmental consciousness, and care for our planet, it’s an issue that we must resolve NOW.”

See image: Javier De Aubeyzon naturaleza muerta still life, oil on canvas) 78″x78″

A fan of De Aubeyzon’s work, Bisciotti has known the artist for fifteen years. “His canvases are strong images with a hyper realistic genre,” said the gallerist. http://www.deaubeyzon.com/

On view: August 1st – September 25th – By appointment only – 424-744-8156

Where: FABstudio 2001 main street, santa monica ca 90291 (behind dog town coffee at main and bay)
Phone: (424) 744-8156
Website:  http://FABstudioLA.com  http://www.bisciotti.com/