Arushi Kapoor (on boards of LACMA, TATE and ICA Miami) & THESTYLEGUYDE, curator Steve Galindo present Decoding Americana’s Queer Sensibilities. The exhibit features trans, non binary and queer artists. THESTYLEGUYDE presents Sophia Gasparian aka Happily Ever Sofia within this exhibition. The opening art party took place on July 26, 2023 at a private residence in Los Feliz Estates (Los Angeles). However, you still have time to catch the exhibition through August 16, 2023. See below for additional on

Kapoor & Galindo are partnering to present emerging and mid-career artists in an attempt to close the gap between the mainstream and the queer art scene. Although influences from both have defined the contemporary art scene, it still remains in parallel versus united. In this curation the duo are helping emerging and mid-career artists to be included in the collections of new and avid collectors.

Decoding Americana's Queer Sensibilities

Happily Ever Sofia – SOPHIA GASPARIAN

SOPHIA GASPARIAN [Street art name: Happily Ever Sofia] is a Los Angeles based artist. Gasparian’s wheat pasted images of peaceful young women have challenged the macho hegemony of street art culture. Thus emphasizing the feminine spirit. The graphic elements in her adhesive street art make the viewing experience accessible to the working class intimidated by the elitism surrounding contemporary art.

Sofia Gasparian’s work consistently encourages us all to embrace the past. She also demonstrates the need for us to preserve cultural legacy and continue to address equal human rights worldwide. CLICK HERE to read about past exhibition from this artists.

Decoding Americana’s Queer Sensibilities

In a mesmerizing convergence of creativity, a group of multi cultural visionary queer artists embarks on an extraordinary endeavor. With resolute determination, they reshape the traditional domains of Americana with multicultural queer influences. These impacts made to sculpture, painting, as well as photography breathe new life into the very essence of Americana.

Through a curated selection of multicultural queer artist’s artworks, this exhibition is a kaleidoscope of craftsmanship akin to the vibrant hues of a rainbow. It also celebrates and magnifies the joys, excellence, and the barrier-breaking nature of the queer, trans, and non-binary communities. Within these contemporary masterpieces lie the profound imprints of queer legacies, influences, and future visions, all interwoven in a rich multi cultural reinterpretation of Americana.

The exhibition includes mixed media, quilting, weaving, painting, sculpture, collage, and photography. It offers glimpses into the myriad ways in which these artists unravel the complexities of multi-cultural American identity. New narratives of heritage, resilience, and metamorphosis are imbued into the artworks. The classical mediums are therefore reborn through the lens of these multicultural queer trailblazing artists. These artworks now reflect the evolving spirit of a nation in constant transformation.

Artists include: Evangeline Adalyrion, Alannah Farrell, Stuart Sandford, Little Ricky aka Ricky Sension, Mia Weiner, Sara Sandoval, Duane Paul, Naruki Kukita, Sophia Gasporian (Happily Ever Sofia), Joey Brock, Miguel Reyes Angel, Ruben Esparza.

On view: July 26, 2023 – August 16, 2023 by appointment only – Email

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