For those who value thoughtful, high-quality food and for those whom eating is much more than an act; it is an experience, Malibu native, Founder and Executive Chef Alla Rockwell introduces Rockwell Kitchen, L.A.’s new sustainably-minded, thoughtfully-curated and community-rooted local haven for everyday elevated, wholesome food. It officially opened on Wednesday, December 2, 2020…so be sure to stop by (now that outdoor dining is open again). Chef Alla Rockwell is participating in the new Re: Her online event which runs thru January 30, 2021. CLICK HERE for more info.


Rockwell Kitchen is located in a shared space adjacent to Malibu lifestyle and action sports company, Boardriders on California’s Pacific Coast Highway right on the point of the historic Topanga Beach, featuring stunning panoramic views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains. As a Malibu native, Rockwell Kitchen Founder and Executive Chef Alla Rockwell’s local roots run deep as can be, but in the food industry, she was both a late bloomer and a wild grower. Chef Rockwell got her start in Malibu restaurants about nine years ago having spent time as a Pastry Cook at Nobu Malibu, Pastry Cook at Bravo’s Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio’s innovative and unfortunately now closed Ink, Executive Pastry Chef at TWIST Eatery La Brea’s chic café and bakery, Sous Chef at BOBO Venice in Venice Beach, and then Rockwell jumped in the deep end and created her own catering and craft services company, Rockwell-Venice (which Rockwell Kitchen now handles) she still owns today. Rockwell also served as the Executive Chef and Partner at Nantucket’s first poke food trailer, Nantucket Poke, then leaving that success in the hands of her partner, Chef Rockwell was ready to embark on her next adventure – Rockwell Kitchen.

Why a truck? Chef Rockwell states, “After COVID started hitting and slowing down film production while simultaneously limiting people’s ability to sit-down and dine at restaurants, it seemed like a natural choice to serve food on the roadside here on Topanga Beach. Rockwell Kitchen is not your average food truck experience. Yes, we’re in a truck, but my hope is that people can let go of any preconceived notions beyond that and come visit us to enjoy fresh food to feel good about. Even if we have to socially distance, we’re still a community; we’re still gathered around that metaphorical table — that’s what I want our guests to feel like when they are  looking into our big glass window on the truck and they can watch our Chefs safely cooking with the freshest ingredients.”

So, stop by to refuel and come visit Rockwell Kitchen for thoughtfully curated, wholesome fresh food that you can happily fill up on. Born from the idea that high-quality food should be more accessible, Rockwell Kitchen is bringing the best of Malibu – fresh food, wellness, and warmth – all beach-side!

Rockwell Kitchen will be open every Tuesday through Sunday from 6:0 am to 6:00pm. For more information about Rockwell Kitchen, please visit or call Rockwell Kitchen directly at 310.765.1930.