Corey Helford Gallery celebrates several new exhibitions with an art party bash on Saturday, December 2, 2017.
Dec2-2017-CHG-RonEnglish-Bunnny RabbbitDec2-2017-CHG-RonEnglish-ActionSurrealist-oiloncanvas-36x78
Ron English, Bunnny Rabbbit, Action Surrealist (oil on canvas, 36” x 78”)

Ron English will be featured in a solo exhibition titled “TOYBOX.” Debuting thirty-six new oil paintings, as well as sculptures and installations. For this exhibition, English has also co-produced a musical soundtrack to be performed by new character DJ Popaganda. The exhibition will also include a new outdoor mural and a pop-up store selling Ron’s limited-edition toys.

English is one of the most prolific and recognizable artists alive, Ron English is considered the Godfather of Street Art and Seminal Pioneer of Pop Surrealism.

Miho Hirano’s exhibition “Beauties of Nature” will also be celebrated. The artist’s imagery combines the traditional style of Japanese panting of bijinga (beautiful women paintings) with the fantastical quality of the Japanese manga she grew up with, like Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and the works of Clamp.

Using hair as a female identifier in her work, Hirano portrays different attitudes and emotional interpretations of women, including her own alter-ego. Although she describes her ethereal subjects as “dream women,” she admits there are parts of their character that subconsciously resemble herself, as they are a projection of the world of her mind.
Dec2-2017-CHG-Hiranos-WindPurification-oiloncanvas-12 5X25
Hirano, Wind Purification (oil on canvas, 12.5” X 25”)

Also opening tonight…Attaboy’s “Grow In The Dark,” and Patrick Faalafua’s “Le Pe’a Teine.” The art of  Relm, and Lauren Marx will also be featured.

On view: December 30, 2017

What: Opening reception 
Where: Corey Helford, 571 S Anderson St (Enter on Willow St). LA, 90033
When: 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Phone: (310) 287-2340