Taylor Fine Art presents Glitter Glitter Bang Bang, a solo exhibition by Deasa Turner. The show opened on December 2, 2023. The gallery celebrated the exhibition with an art party on December 9, 2023. Not to worry if you missed it, the exhibition will remain on view through December 30, 2023.

Taylor Fine Art Deasa Turner

From the gallery…The urban landscape is my vibration and playground. Cities are freckled with orange traffic cones and barrels, heavy equipment, graffiti, theater, scaffolding, cranes, stickers and posters encasing phone polls and boarded up windows. My mummies are portraits of humanity. We are all wrapped up, wound in our many ways of being in our world. How we identify, how we navigate our minds and lives, turned on our heads, trapped in a variety of life’s cycles. America is armed.

One must wear sensible shoes and be prepared to run or hit the ground at any given moment. We are just as Pagan in deifying guns, Coke a Cola, capitalism and designer bags. Guns are glamorized, admired, revered, feared, concealed. Guns can create a sense of security, false or otherwise.

But all that glitters can’t conceal the Devastating ability for them to kill. I wish for Peopleisum- We need to raise the vibration for all of humankind. In the meantime- Glitter, glitter, bang, bang………

Deasa Turner

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Deasa Turner went to model in Paris when she was just 16. In addition, she decided to also take some art classes. She then came back and graduated from the Masters School in New York. The artist returned to Europe once again to study Shakespeare as well as Chekov at Oxford. Finally, she came back to the States and eventually landed in Los Angeles where she was a working actor for 20 years, appearing in sitcoms, soaps, music videos, and also theatre.

On view: December 2, 2023 – December 30, 2023; 

What: Glitter Glitter Bang Bang, Deasa Turner, Opening Art Party
Where: Taylor Fine Art, 6039 Washington Blvd., Culver City, 90232
When: Running thru December 30,  2023
Website: https://taylorfineart.art/

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