TlowRes Crpped MikeTemplepix bySteveDePenahe Rose Café was ahead of it’s time. With the help of curator Karen Black, the café was an early supporter of the arts. Since 1979, hundreds of artists have had their chance to shine and over 200 exhibitions have been mounted at the café.

The Rose Café presents a new series entitled “Rose Retrospectives,” organized by Karen Black. The series was created to take a look back and honor all the artists who participated in group shows throughout the years.

Artist Michael Temple is currently on view as part of the second installment of the series. The percussionist and founder of the band the Bonedaddys, Temple is also a painter. He has consistently created art while making his living as a musician. Temple has been included in group shows all over the U.S. as well as right here in Los Angeles, most recently at the Santa Monica Airport Art Walk and Trunk Gallery.

Tlowres MikeTemple 9xaman edited-1emple first met Black in 1984 when he had his first show at the Rose Café. Black is fond of his musical talents as well as his art. “It pleases me when Mike uses oils instead of acrylics,” said Black. “So often a painter whose work has a lot of movement and gesture uses faster drying acrylic. Like good music, oils require patience, skill and a lot of disciplined work and technique to bring the notes and the instruments together in harmony. For me, Mike’s paintings are good art, good fun, well-crafted and great to have around.”

The current exhibition, “Rose Retrospectives” will be on view through July 7th and also features the work of Dora De Larios, Meg Davenport, Melvin Detroit, Jodi Fuchs, Fred Kaplan, and Cassandra Tondro. The Rose Café is located at 220 Rose Ave. Venice CA.  310 399-0711

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