OThe Looksyn Thursday January 19th, Hotel Erwin presents artist Lee Lucas as part of the January Venice Art Crawl. Lee will feature her original cartoon entitled Pat Peeve, as well as her bracelet line, The Looksy, “The Hottest New Accessory out of Hollywood” downstairs at Hotel Erwin, 1697 Pacific Ave., from 6:00 p.m. till 10:00 p.m.

Lee is excited to once again participate in the Venice Art Crawl, a monthly art walk, which happens every third Thursday of the month.

Lee Lucas is also a singer/songwriter who performs all over LA with her band NeonWest and says that her music career inspired her to create the Looksy. She explains, “It came out of necessity. One night, at a gig, I was rushing to get up on stage, when I realized I hadn’t checked my lipstick. Looking around, I realized there was no mirror to be found and no time to go find one. That’s when the Looksy was born. I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a mirror that you wear, a trendy bracelet that also doubled as a touch-up mirror?”

The Looksy is a leather bracelet/wristband with a mirror on it, perfect for a quick makeup check with a flip of the wrist. It currently comes in two styles, “Rockstar” and “Popstar” and four colors, black, white, dark brown and purple.

Leleelucas looksye talks about how it all began with the early days of the Looksy. “I started with ribbon, glue and mirrors from craft stores. I have kept a lot my prototypes; it’s hilarious and inspiring when I look back on what they were when I first started creating The Looksy. They’ve really progressed, and now I am truly proud of The Looksy line.”

“I am also very excited to show my cartoon at the Venice Art Crawl” she adds. The cartoon’s main character, Pat Peeve is a waitress. “I think her name speaks for itself. Dealing with the public and co-workers can be a challenging experience, which lots of people can relate to. It’s also a breeding ground for comedy.”

At the Art Crawl, Lucas will also have individual postcard size prints of the strip for inexpensive holiday gifts. Lee explains “Pat’s been around for a few years. She came about as a creative way to vent while working in the restaurant business.” She’s working on getting Pat Peeve published and adds, “Since I still work in the restaurant business, I have new material every day. It’s a great artistic outlet for me.”

Meanwhile, her bracelet line, The Looksy is featured at Bohemian Exchange Boutique (1358 Abbot Kinney), and Rosenthal Estates Winery in Malibu, and others. Celebrities can be seen wearing the Looksy, such as singer Vicci Martinez (from NBC’s hit show, the Voice) and actress/model, Sarah Hester.

For more info or to purchase the Looksy online, see the website at www.thelooksy.com as well as her band, NeonWest at their website, www.neonwest.com, Pat Peeve at www.patpeeve.com.