Save the Date…Saturday and Sunday, April 5th and 6th…get ready for a mini-Italian Festival right here in LA. “All Roads Lead to LA” is a two-night event that brings the art, music and fashion of Italy to Los Angeles.

PrApril56-SMArtStudios-GiuseppinaTorreesented by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Los Angeles and the Santa Monica Art studios, the event will feature acclaimed pianist Pianist, Giuseppina performing both nights. A classically trained pianist, Giuseppina Torre is the winner of the Los Angeles Music Awards for the past two years. The event will offer receptions on both nights as well as poetry and a fashsion show on Sunday. See below for schedule.

“Overpainting,” a group exhibition will be on view in Arena 1. Curated by Matteo Galbiati, this is the first phase of a two-part exhibition and international exchange featuring the work of five Italian artists as well as five local Artists. The second phase of the project continues in Italy with the exhibition “Connecting Point LA” curated by Carl Berg in May. This exhibit will feature five LA artists.

SMASApril5and6-SMArtStudios-GaryPaller director, Yossi Govrin explains, “Originally, I met with Carl Berg, asking him whether he would curate an exhibition for our Arena 1 Gallery. Carl replied that he’d been thinking about an Italian show.”

Gary Paller, a Los Angeles Artist who has spent a great deal of time in Italy was instrumental in placing Italian artists in the show with the help of curator Matteo Galbiati and artist Ablano Morandi…also part of the show.

See image: by Gary Paller #4 2014, acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 36″

Artists include: Sonia Costantini, Paola Fonticoli, Paolo Iacchetti, Elena Modorati, Albano Morandi, Gegman Kacherian, Mathew May, Gary Paller, Jamie Russom, and Chris Trueman.

As always, SMAS will also feature art throughout both Hangar Gallery North and South. Sona Mirzaei’s art will be on view. She will be showing works from her Roman Collection….inspired by her love of Italy.

See image: Tiberius by Sona Mizaei

“I love all foSonaMirzaei-Tiberiusrms of art, whether its sculpture, design, public art, graffiti art, pop, abstract, or figurative, says the artist. “I want to incorporate anything that I find interesting and worth studying into my practice. I am fascinated by so many things, and collect various items while I am travelling such as a newspaper, ticket stubs, photos, wine corks, labels, trinkets, art visits, books, etc. There are so many wonderful things in the world and as artists we try to embrace them in our own way, so in some way my style and genres of work, themes, subject matter, mediums, etc. will always change inevitably due to constantly being inspired.” For more info about Sona Mirzaei, see her website.

The art of Greg Byers will also be part of the show. He is a mixed media artist who incorporates photography, painting as well as non-traditional items into his work.

ByersGregByers-NotSoKoi had a close friend who was addicted to heroin for five years. and finally got help through rehab. “I had this person’s possessions with me, explains Byers, “which included needles…new and used and was about to toss them out when I had the idea of turning them into something positive. Making the ugly beautiful, making something so deadly into something that can be admired. Showing that change is possible.”

See image of one of his works, “Not So Koi. The koi fish is created from the melted needles.  See FB Page.

“All Roads Lead to LA” opens this Saturday, April 5th with the festivities continuing on Sunday April 6th. The group exhibition “Overpainting” will remain on view through May 3rd.


Saturday, April 5th
5 PM – VIP Reception
5.30 PM – Giuseppina Torre, solo performance
6 – 9 PM – Opening Reception

April 6th
5 PM – Poetry Reading
6 PM – Giuseppina Torre, solo performance
7 PM – Fashion show

What: 2 night Italian art party
Where: Santa Monica Art Studios, 3026 Airport Ave. SM 90405
When: 5:00 pm-9:00 pm (Sat & Sunday)