de boer is pleased to announce a solo exhibition titled “Grandpa Goes to Hollywood,” featuring a limited edition publication of new paintings by Brad Phillips. In his first exhibition with de boer, Toronto-based Phillips presents figurative paintings depicting his wife, artist Cristine Brache, alongside poignant text paintings.

Brad Phillips, Cristine in My Camo Shirt, April 2020, 2020, oil on canvas, 48 x 36 in (121.9 x 91 cm)

The exhibition is shown and installed as two parts, separate yet together in two different rooms. The figurative paintings installed in the main gallery and the text paintings installed in the domestic setting of the gallery’s private viewing room. Much like Phillips’ critically acclaimed book “Essays and Fictions,” published by Giancarlo DiTrapano (1974-2021) of Tyrant Books, the exhibition takes on a dual identity where truth and untruths are presented in tandem. This so-called “autofiction,” a term primarily used to describe a genre of postmodern literature that combines autobiography and fiction, also fits perfectly as a descriptor for the paintings in Phillips’ new exhibition.

Also opening is a solo exhibition and limited edition publication of mixed media wall works by Teresa Baker. In Baker’s first exhibition with de boer, the Los Angeles-based artist presents a collection of large-scale works evoking art historical antecedents from Mark Rothko, Paul Klee, and Ree Morton as well as a traditional loom, map-making, and the natural topography of the Northern Plains. Pulling Up the Prairie is a play on Ofelia Zepeda’s poem “Pulling Down the Clouds” and the idea of trying to grasp something so vast, something so ephemeral, and take it with you.

On view: April 24 – May 29, 2021; The exhibition is open by appointment; CLICK HERE to reserve your spot;

What: Brad Phillips, Teresa Baker
Where: de boer, 3311 E. Pico Blvd., LA, 90023
Phone: 213 293-7495