On December 22, 2023, Wönzimer Gallery throws an art party for the closing of Ann Weber’s solo exhibition titled O What Fools We Mortals Be. The closing art party takes place from 5-8pm. This is your final chance to meet the artist, and view the exhibition…remember art makes a great holiday gift.

The exhibition will remain on view through December 22, 2023. See below for RSVP info.

Wönzimer Gallery Closing Ann Weber

Step into a world of monumental, sensuous, and also anthropomorphic sculpture, made from discarded cardboard boxes. Most of Weber’s pieces reference her personal life as well as the current state of the world.

Ann Weber’s technique of weaving with cardboard strips to provide structural strength is a metaphor for the artist’s lifelong practice of bringing people together.

Wönzimer Gallery Ann Weber

Ann Weber, Tender Mercies, 2022, found cardboard, staple polyurethane, 48 x 101 x 10 in; photo by Gene Ogami

Based in Los Angeles, Weber creates large-scale forms exploring the themes of relationships, community, and sustainability. After years of making functional pottery in New York City, she relocated to California. Additionally, she turned to cardboard for its lightness, inspired by Frank Gehry’s cardboard furniture. Each sculpture is crafted from foraged boxes, assembled with stapled strips, and animated by the found juxtaposition of printed colors and letters.

About Wonzimer Gallery

Founded by two independent visionaries—Swiss artist and musician, Alaïa Parhizi, and American entrepreneur, Aidan Nelson. Wönzimer emanates a young, lively energy that is cultivated through professional leadership as well as a genuine love of innovation and diversity.

Wönzimer, which means living room in German, is a place where everyone is welcome. These ideals are indeed the foundations upon which Wönzimer thrives and lives. It is precisely this interest that has given Wönzimer its magic, as well as a living history of joyful, spontaneous interactions that it has inspired between extraordinary individuals from all walks of life.

On view: November 10 – December 22, 2023; If you would like to attend this FREE event, CLICK HERE to RSVP.

What: O What Fools We Mortals Be,  Ann Weber
Where: Wonzimer, 341-B S. Avenue 17, LA, 90031
When: December 22, 2023, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Website: https://www.wonzimer.com

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