On Sunday October Sun-Oct23-2016-UpperWest-CharliePatton-flyer23, 2016, Upper west welcomed a new artist. As most of our readers may know, Upper West is a huge supporter of artists. The restaurant hosts rotating art shows and celebrates each new artist with reception. I am excited to share with you the art of Charlie Patton.

Patton, a Santa Monica resident, has been painting since he was a child. At the young age of nine years old, Patton’s earliest inspiration came from his teacher, a German expressionist painter named Emma Schlitz.

Patton is an avid painter creating works on weekly basis. He officially began selling his art in 1998. Working in various media, the artist is not only a talented painter, but is also a sculptor and shoots photography. He also designs furniture and paints murals. He will be exhibiting works from several different series as part of “Visceral.” The paintings include abstract, collage, as well as classical paintings.

The artist said when creating new work, he likes to paint with acrylic for the quick drying aspect, so he can move quickly making decisions on color and application. He also paints with oil.

He also told me that another work, What is Love, was created out of a feeling of loss. It was inspired by that uncomfortble feeling, when one person falls in love with someone and that feeling is not returned on the same level. I think each one of us can say that we have all been in this position at one time or another. 

SeOct23rd CharliePatton WhatisLove UpperWeste image: by Charlie Patton, What is Love, 50” x 78” Mixed Media

The painter has attended art openings at Upper West Restaurant before and said he is looking forward to showing his work there….and like most of us, he is a big fan of Chef Nick Shipp’s cuisine.

Patton has exhibited work at FAB Gallery in  Santa Monica, the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Jeane Madsen Gallery in Santa Monica, Flower and Hewes Gallery in Malibu, and Town Center Gallery in Santa Clarita.

Enjoy an opening reception for “Visceral” featuring the paintings of Charlie Patton. The exhibition will remain on view through mid February 2017, at Upper West Restaurant. For additional info about the artist, visit https://www.facebook.com/cpattonart/

What Opening reception
Where: Upper West, 3321 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica 90404
When: 4:00pm – 7:00pm
Phone: 310 586-1111
Website: http://www.theupperwest.com