TheVAC Venice Art Crawl is back for its quarterly art party. Celebrating burners everywhere on their return from Burning Man. Rose Ave will be closed to street traffic (pedestrian only – baby) between 3rd and 4th and Full Circle / niteSpa located at 305 Rose Avenue will be a focal point and after party for the event. Expect an evening of art, installations, live musical performances, art cars, and more. Full Circle, and niteSpa located at 305 Rose Avenue will be a big part of this month’s Crawl. Enjoy live painting by Sona Mirzaei and Eva Montealegre. Artists on view at Full Circle & niteSpa include: Vittoria Colonna, Gus Harper, Aazam Irilian, Louise Taylor, Matt McMahon, Sona Mirzaei, Eva Montealegre, Wendell Wiggins, and more.

The evening will feature a collection of art cars (on Rose Ave) created by local artists that include the legendary “Charlie the Unicorn” art car with its happy music vibes and revelers dressed as unicorns. The Yellow Subs by Dogtown Artists United and Wing Tip by 2013 Temple builder Gregg Fleishman will also be on display. Guests will enjoy installations and artwork from various local artists including a 30ft. cardboard sculpture by Venice resident Ivo Vergara, an LED mural by David Anthony and the Raven Wind Harp by Obi Bob.

VAC-SunnybakSunny Bak and her crew at VAC have been working hard to make this incredible event possible (THANKS SUNNY). I’m glad to have to chance to participate. I booked the artists for both venues (Full Circle & niteSpa) as well as some live painters and vendors too…It’s is going to be an AMAZING event.

Jason Dilts, Executive Director of Full Circle Venice said that Full Circle is excited to once again partner with VAC for the big event. “Art is an expression of culture, community, and spirit. We are so fortune to live in one of the most vibrant and unique artistic hubs in the country. At Full Circle Venice we believe in the art of co-creation–bringing people together so that their unique abilities can be stronger and have greater effect when aligned with the talents of other like-minded individuals. That’s why we are so excited to be part of the Venice Art Crawl. It’s co-creation in action! The art that hangs on our walls exemplifies the many talented people in Venice. All who visit our temple are invited to interact with the works, taking in each piece to reflect on its meaning and the thoughts and emotions it evokes within.”

Vittoria Colonna started creating art as a very young child. “I didn’t chose to become an artist it chose me,” explained the artist. “Expression and creativity have always been my outlet. l’ve been exploring multiple mediums of expression through the arts, such as film making, performance art and painting.” For more info, visit her website at

GuGusHarpers Harper is an adventurous painter. Working in not just one studio, but two, he works on different series simultaneously. He often collaborates with other established artists such as Gronk. “I started collaborating with Gronk about 2 years ago. I usually have a few collaborative pieces in every show.” In a recent exhibition, Harper included two pieces that he created with his mother, Fielden Harper (a talented artist in her own right).

The art of Aazam Irilian will be featured in the upstairs venue at Full Circle. An artist and educator for over twenty-five years, Irilian explained that art and becoming an artist has been a life-long passion. “Since I could remember, I was interested in playing with color, loved the smell of paint and wanting to transform my thoughts into images. Inspired by the beauty of life, over the years, I have become particularly observant of the natural elements in my surrounding. I am pulled into experiencing every curve, movement, texture, and fragrance by being present in any given moment.”

She went on to say her intent with each painting is to translate the intense sense of joy and mystery that she feels into visual images and touch the hearts and souls of my viewers.

Contemporary artist Sona Mirzaei paints each day working in multiple series. Her In Search of Splendor collection began in 2006 and has amassed into a vast body of work. Her Roman series started in 2007 while she spent time spent in Florence Italy while studying at the Art Academy. Needless to say that rich culture continued to inspire her art when she returned to the states.

“Amalfi and Capri are both two wonderful places in the southern part of Italy and they both represent the feeling that you endure when you are there,” explained Mirzaei. “The colors chosen, the blue to represent the Mediterranean Sea, layers, and overall theme does give one the sense of being there in an abstract adaptation.”

Sona-Mirzaei-CapriSona Mirzaei, Capri, In search of splendor, 48×46

Stop by the Century Century City Hyatt Hotel Equinox Spa to see Mirzaei’s solo exhibition titled “Midsummer Night” on view through Ocotober 10, 2015. She has been chosen to participate in the Beverly Hills artShow taking place October 17 -18.

Eva Montealegre will be exhibiting works from her cosmic series. Raised in an artistic family, Montealegre continues the legacy. Both parents were artists and it is obvious that art has permeated her everyday life. Perhaps it is her theater and film background that allows her so dig deep from within to expose a very personal experience on the canvas.

Wendell Wiggins is a full-time artist in Los Angeles. Having studied at the California Institute of Art, he has enjoyed a successful career creating book illustrations, storyboards, print advertising design, broadcast graphics and more.

Be sure to check VAC’s website for a full list of events and don’t forget to stop by Rose Avenue, which will be rockin’ and enjoy the after art party at Full Circle and niteSpa …both will be open till 1:00 am…now that’s an art party!  BE AWARE THERE IS A $10 charge for the AFTER party (with dj, and dancing).

To find out more about Full Circle, visit or niteSpa see

What: Venice Art Crawl
Where: Rose Ave – between 3rd & 4th Afterparty at 305 Rose Ave.
When: 6:00pm – 1:00am