lowres cropped geoffreyj promo pic 4Geoffrey J. will be performing with guitarist James Elliot at Hinano Cafe, Sunday, February 19th from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Located at 15 Washington Blvd, right by the beach, Hinano Café is an old Venice biker bar, known for its inexpensive, yet tasty burgers. ‪(310) 822-3902.

Known for his roots rock originals, Geoffrey J arrived in LA, the summer of 2010. A driven young singer/songwriter, who has gained much attention, playing festivals, local venues and has also released two full length studio albums. His music has received rave reviews, thousands of downloads as well as airplay on several radio stations.

Geoffrey started playing bass in a band, when he was just fourteen. He also started writing at a young age and taught himself various instruments such as drums, piano, harmonica and guitar.

When asked what he likes best about performing, he thinks for a second, then with a boyish grin explains, “I love the initial crowd vibe, when you first get out in front of the audience, it feels like you have to prove yourself.”

lowres cropped geoffreyj promo pic 6As a songwriter his melodies range from roots rock to folk. His songs offer a large amount of passion for such a young performer. His organic approach to songwriting allows his lyrics to be vulnerable yet direct. His melodies sometimes haunting, are also upbeat, memorable and consistently entertaining.

Geoffrey J. has been influenced from the work of such industry legends as John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and David Bowie. He continues to evolve as a songwriter and performer.

Depending on the venue, Geoffrey J performs solo, in a duo, or sometimes with a band. He exudes a brooding intimate performance with a touching sensibility that is rarely seen in most performers. He knows how to put on a show.

For more information on Geoffrey J., see website http://www.geoffreyj.com/. Enjoy free downloads of his two CDs, Fly on the Wall (which will only be available till the official 2012 release in January) and Pennington Place (2009 LP).