Taylor Fine Art presents a solo exhibition titled Freedom to Create by Sachiko Bradley. The exhibition runs through  January 27,  2024.


Deasa Turner

Sachiko Bradley Freedom to Create 

The Freedom to Create art exhibition celebrates the concept of artistic expression and the freedom that the artist has to create without limitations or constraints.

This exhibition features Sachiko Bradley’s abstract artworks that explore various themes, emotions, and ideas through non-representational forms, colors, and textures. The artist in this show uses her creativity to push boundaries as well as challenge traditional artistic norms. Bradley invites viewers to engage with their work on a deeper, more personal level.

Freedom to Create encourages visitors to embrace their own freedom of interpretation and appreciate the limitless possibilities that abstract art offers.

Taylor Fine Art 

Candice Taylor founded Taylor Fine Art in 2023. She is an art lover and has worked in many creative areas. In addition she has also worked in fashion, and also in public relations. Throughout her career, she has enlivened client, artist and guest experiences through innovative and engaging events, experiences and venues she created.

On view: January 6, 2024 – January 27, 2024

What: Freedom to Create by Sachiko Bradley.
Where: Taylor Fine Art, 6039 Washington Blvd., Culver City, 90232
When: Running through January 27,  2024
Website: https://taylorfineart.art/

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