Country/pop singer, songwriter, and performer Eileen Carey was the perfect choice to open for singer-songwriter-rock’n’roll folk legend Don McLean at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. She’s a natural storyteller with an honesty and sincerity about her voice that made us want to listen to every word and hear every note. Her current hit single, “Anything That Reminds Me of You,” which has hit #1 on all of the top New Music Weekly charts, was compelling, thoughtful and heartfelt. And with songs like “That Town,” “Good Bad Girl,” “Faith,” we were drawn into her world and enjoyed her performance very much.
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Eileen Carey with guitarist Devitt Feeley; photo by Kathy Leonardo; courtesy of

Of course I can’t talk about Eileen Carey’s performance without mentioning her accompanying and accomplished musicians; lead guitarist and music director, John McDuffie and acoustic guitarist, Devitt Feeley. They also sang harmonies with her that made each song rich with texture and pure emotion. What I also enjoyed about the performance was that each song had its own unique character. I got the feeling that this woman has been through a lot of heartache, love, break up, joy and pain that I believe everyone in the audience could feel and relate to.

When Don McLean walked out on stage, the audience went wild. His larger than life presence was palpable and his voice sounded as clear and perfect as it did from many decades ago. It was a powerful and moving experience.
Review-March2019-520pixels-DonMcLean-Saban edited-1Don McLean; photo by Kathy Leonardo; courtesy of

I enjoyed hearing his newer songs but when he sang “American Pie,” he tore the house down – everyone was standing and swaying and singing along, and I remembered every single lyric and every single word and so did everyone in the audience. It was surreal! And when he ended with the great classic “Starry, Starry Night,” the story of Vincent van Gogh, I teared up as I’m sure everyone in the crowd.

This was truly a magical night of storytelling, emotion and singing. Find out more about the performers on their websites: