harmony is fraught by Catherine Opie opened at Regen Projects on January 11, 2024 from 6pm-8pm. The exhibition will run through March 3, 2024. This is Opie’s eleventh exhibition with Regen Projects. It features over sixty photographs from her thirty years plus of creating pictures in LA. Some artworks have not been previously exhibited.

Regen Projects Catherine Opie

Regen Projects

We see a deeply singular diary of Opie’s world. It oncludes her early years as an emerging artist in the 1990s. The works are intertwined with the complex public life of the city she made her home, from its signature freeways and Hollywood landmarks. Iconic LA symbols such as the Hollywood sign, to scenes of activism and surfers at the beach all dominate the exhibition. Together, they collectively trace a profoundly personal story, as well as the evolving drama and common grandeur of Los Angeles itself. This  singular assembly of constructions, conflicts, as well as communities make a statement on Hollywood.

Installed in carefully considered constellations, photographs of freeways and bridges connect and encircle images of more private destinations. Opie likens the literal, tender, resilient human body to the great corpus of the mutable city, always growing, aging, breaking, standing firm—another body with its own queer logic. Curiously, despite the quarter of a century or more that separates us from the moment of their making, many of these images seem to proffer the same city we know now. Likewise, we see subjects yearning for many of the same suspended desires or imperiled freedoms we seek today. Thus resulting in a constancy (or stasis) that can be both touching and deeply unsettling.

On view: January 11, 2024 – March 3, 2024; Gallery hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

What: harmony is fraught, Catherine Opie
Where: Regen Projects, 6750 Santa Monica Blvd., LA 90038
When: Running through March 3, 2024
Website: https://www.regenprojects.com

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