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“Exodus” is a solo exhibition byPOW-SHulamit-Carol-Es-Show-Graphic Los Angeles based multi-media artist Carol Es.

Here is some info from the gallery about the artist and the exhibition.

The gallery will feature new work that delves into the artist’s experience on a 10-day trip near Joshua Tree National Park in Spring 2014.

Es spent this time in deep meditation and study, keeping a journal, photographing her surroundings, generating countless sketches, capturing DVD footage, and blogging about her process- all of which would become the inspiration and grounding for Exodus. Her journey to the edge of the wilderness and process of self-reflection is conveyed in each brush stroke across the canvas, paper, and wood. The exhibition is anchored around two new bodies of work – Es’ mixed media collages and a series of paintings, Abstracted Desert Landscapes.

Es playfully examines the natural landscape in her latest paintings; her once dark color palette now explodes with vibrant and diverse hues. In her mixed media collages, rocks morph into calico dreamscapes set against exposed wood grain. In the series Abstracted Desert Landscapes, Es depicts an arid terrain dotted with rainbows, spaceships, and other wild imaginings, as seen in the work Unexpected (2014).

As the artist explains: “It is interesting to me that the root of Moses in Hebrew means ‘to be drawn out’ since the consummation of this past year resulted in a new found self- expression. For the first time in my career, I focused on my source materials (study and the desert landscape) remaining present in a space of continuous discovery. My past led me to seek refuge into the desert; however, it was my future that I followed home.” Originally, Es went to the desert in hopes of ridding herself of a lifetime of unwelcome baggage – she fled into the dusty terrain seeking freedom, revelation, wisdom, and insight. What she found is that the journeys we often take lead us to revelations of truths already inhabiting within us, waiting to be discovered.

Sat-Mar21-Shulamit LaddertoDad-2014-Oiloncanvas-40x60inSee image: Ladder to Dad, 2014 Oil on canvas, 40 x 60 inches

Featured in the gallery’s project space, Es presents her first multi-media installation Up to Now, consisting of a six-minute animated video situated inside a yellow and white 10′ x 10′ tent with attached foyer. ].

Parking is available at the parking structure located across the street from LA Louver Gallery or at the Venice Beach parking lot at the end of North Venice Blvd.

On view: March 21 – May 9

What: Artist reception
Where: Shulamit Gallery 17 N. Venice Blvd., Venice
When: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Phone: 310.281.0961