parrasch heijnen Gallery debuted Ken Grimes: Evidence for Contact on January 13, 2024.  The exhibition runs through February 10, 2024.

Parrasch Heijnen Ken Grimes

The retrospective exhibition of work by Ken Grimes (b. 1947, New York, NY) is organized on the occasion of the release of a major book titled Evidence for Contact: Ken Grimes, 1991-2021 (Anthology Editions, 2023) showcasing the artist’s nearly 40-year career.

Parrasch Heijnen Ken Grimes

Artwork by Ken Grimes

In Grimes’ work, graphic motifs and recurring patterns are the prima materia of an imagistic language. The artist often works with a black and white palette, simplified shapes, and also flattened compositional forms. Grimes’ paintings and drawings postulate systems at once terrestrial and cosmic.

Alongside the extensive use of text in his artwork, Grimes visualizes modes of communication: radio signals, satellite transmissions, musical staffs, as well as binary codes. As perceptual fields of energy and transmission, they offer a foil to the linguistic and enter the realm of the symbolic. Often working in series, Grimes’ variations on themes are attuned to the subtle nuances of system and codes.

Grimes’ insistence on clarity and precision in his artwork is not only based in the scientific but in the spiritual, an attempt to locate oneself within an incomprehensible universe.

On view: January 13, 2024 –  February 10, 2024

What: Ken Grimes: Evidence for Contact
Where: Parrasch Heijnen, 1326 South Boyle Avenue, LA, 90023
When: Running through February 10, 2024

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