LA Art Party is proud to be one of the spLOGONov9-10 PinotDaysionsors for the Fourth Annual Pinot Days taking place this weekend November 9th through the 10th.  We will be running a contest…and giving away two tickets. Find the code phrase and email us at and you will automatically be entered into the raffle. The raffle ends this Thursday November 8th at 6:00 pm.

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Meet 65 Pinot Noir Makers and enjoy their Wines for a Unique Wine Event and Wine
Tasting Experience  More than 300 acclaimed pinots will be poured at the 4th Annual Pinot Days Southern California, November 9th-11th, 2012.

A renowned pinot noir wine event with annual tastings in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco, Pinot Days connects wine enthusiasts with winemakers creating a unique opportunity for new and seasoned wine lovers to experience, enjoy and deepen their knowledge of pinot noir.

Nov9-10 PinotDays2The three-day Los Angeles event includes pinot noir and food pairings, retail store tastings and the Grand Festival at Shrine Auditorium in Downtown Los Angeles on November 11th. The Pinot Days Grand Festival is a wine tasting event which gives wine lovers the opportunity to experience and enjoy over 200 of the world’s best pinot noirs and interact directly with the more than 65 acclaimed winemakers who produce them. Event tickets can be purchased at

Founded by The Bay Area Nov9-10 PinotDays3Wine Project with the ultimate goal of advancing the profile of pinot noir, Pinot Days is a three-day celebration of pinot noir and its most brilliant winemakers, the vineyards, the grapes, and the often-bewitching process of urging the noble pinot grape into great wine. At Pinot Days, the winemakers and winery owners do the pouring, creating a uniquely engaging experience where wine enthusiasts can interact, ask questions and learn the stories behind what goes into making great pinot noir.  CODE PHRASE:  PINOT DAYS IS HERE!

Pinot Days founder Steven Rigisich said, “Pinot noir offers a diversity of style that is unmatched by any other variety of grape. It can be quietly elegant or stunningly fruit-forward depending on who makes it and where it’s grown, so tasting the noble grape in all its forms is as intellectually stimulating as it is a pleasure on the palate.”

Pinot DNov9-10 PinotDays1ays Los Angeles wine events include the now-famed Pinot and Grilled Cheese at The Wine House featuring 11 notable pinot noir producers in an intimate gathering with the gifted winemakers who produce them, and a VIP Diversity Seminar prior Sunday’s Grand Festival. A winemakers dinner featuring 4 pinot wineries paired with the food of Chef Rich Mead at Sage Restaurant in Newport Beach will be held on November 8th. Visit for event details.

Pinot Days was created by Steven and Lisa Rigisich out of their love for the “the noble grape.” The Bay Area Wine Project holds annual events in San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Southern California.

Be sure to see their website for the full lineup of events