Luis De Jesus Los Angeles presents “Eyes Adjusting Slowly,” by Nicolas Grenier, Edra Soto’s “The Myth of Closure | El Mito del Cierre,” and “Concurrence,” featuring the art of Laura Karetzky.

Also in the Project Room “Barnsdall Olive Wood Workshop Exhibition and Online Auction” presented by the Barnsdall Art Park Foundation opened and will remain on view through December 4, 2021. CLICK HERE to find out more about this exhibition. 

Here is some info from the gallery about the three exhibitions mentioned above: We are familiar with the pressing questions of today: climate change, socio-economic and racial inequity, information echo chambers and political polarization, the development of transformative AI technologies by unscrupulous corporations and rogue actors, and even more pressing, our growing inability to govern ourselves in an era of such global challenges. 

“Eyes Adjusting Slowly” is comprised of a new series of paintings presented in a site-specific installation. From one work to the next, the paintings propose different means for addressing these issues, ranging from informal manifesto to experimental economics to ideological inquiries, placing the viewer in a discursive visual space that hovers between the didactic and the lyrical. 

“The Myth of Closure | El Mito del Cierre” is a deeply personal body of work exploring loss, the now complicated associations of home, and figurative closure. This new work builds on an ongoing project entitled, GRAFT. Soto began using this series of architectural interventions in 2012, and it consists of representations of rejas (wrought iron fences and screens) and quiebrasoles (concrete breeze blocks), the decorative elements ever-present in mid-twentieth century Puerto Rican vernacular architecture. This exhibition transforms the literal and conceptual framework of GRAFT using textural elements, colors, and designs that pay homage to the facades of homes in the neighborhood where her mother is being cared for and now lives – a neighborhood that is past its prime and largely forgotten. 

For many years, Laura Karetzky has been interested in the effect that communicating, specifically through technological means, has on perception. Since the pandemic, we have relied substantially on live-media platforms to perform our daily functions, and now we appear to be stuck somewhere between the real and virtual – a hybridization of witnessing the world, both in and around us.

The phenomenon of being inside our bodies and outside, on other screens, in other windows, and in other places, has changed our understanding of space forever as the boundaries of each are merging. This has led Karetzky to question the images she sees in every aspect of her visual field. With this body of work, she addresses the story inside another story, a window in a window so to speak, superimposed or inherently found; life reinstated inside itself.

On view: November 13 – December 22, 2021 

What: Opening Reception, New Exhibitions
Where: Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, 1110 Mateo Street, Los Angeles (in the Arts District)
Phone: 310-838-6000