Artspace Warehouse presents a group exhibition titled Not Exactly Realism. An opening art party was held on February 3, 2024. However, the show runs through March 1, 2024.

Not Exactly Realism

This thought-provoking showcase pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, featuring a curated selection of works by 6 contemporary artists that defy conventional realism in favor of innovative and eclectic perspectives.

The gallery welcomes patrons to embark on a visual journey where each piece transcends the confines of traditional representation, inviting contemplation and sparking conversations about the evolving nature of contemporary art. Not Exactly Realism beckons art enthusiasts to explore the intersection of imagination and reality, all within the welcoming confines of Artspace Warehouse’s dynamic and engaging environment.

Artspace Warehouse

Artspace Warehouse

Artspace Warehouse exhibits a large selection of affordable original artworks from established as well as emerging international artists with diverse backgrounds. The gallery’s website features all the artworks, and they are also on display at Artspace Warehouse Gallery in Los Angeles. Artspace Warehouse is spacious 5,000-square-foot, affordable art gallery.

On view: February 3, 2024 – March 1, 2024

What: Not Exactly Realism, group exhibition
Where: Artspace Warehouse, 7358 Beverly Boulevard LA, 90036
When: Running thru March 1, 2024

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