Nonaka-Hill presents two exhibitions at two of its galleries. Sanya Kantarovsk and Sanya Kantarovsky will be celebrated individually at the locations below. An opening art party was held at both galleries on September 30, 2023, but not to worry, both exhibitions remain on view through November 4, 2023.

Nonaka-Hill Sanya Kantarovsky

Noaka-Hill Melrose debuts To Prison, a new body of work by Sanya Kantarovsky. The solo exhibition was created in conversation with a series of photographs from the archives of Yasuo Kuroda. It documents  what would become Tatsumi Hijikata’s last butoh.

Nonaka-Hill Yasuo Kuroda

Then at Nonaka-Hill Highland, a second show opens titled Tatsumi Hijikata The Last Butoh. The exhibition of photographs by Yasuo Kuroda featuresTatsumi Hijikata and company in his final performances. Born in 1948, Yasuo Kuroda originally studied economics at Rikkyo University, Tokyo.

Noaka-Hill Sanya Kantarovsky

Around this time, Kuroda began visiting Asbestos Hall, Hijitaka’s performance space. He assisted Hijitaka and his family with practical matters, but never saw a single performance. After leaving Asbestos Hall for a period, Hijikata suddenly invited him to photograph the 1973 performance“Quiet House.

This was the first time Kuroda witnessed a butoh performance, which was produced without rehearsals. Hijikata later invited him to photograph Yobutsu Shinto, a collaboration outside of Asbestos Hall. Unbeknownst to everyone at the time, it was to be his last public performance. Hijitaka never was to see the fruits of Kuroda’s efforts, nor has the public seen them, until now.

About Nonaka-Hill

Nonaka-Hill is a contemporary art gallery in Los Angeles with a focus on Japan, founded in 2018 by Rodney and Taka Nonaka-Hill. The gallery has presented a roster of notable artists from modern and also contemporary Japan, many for the first time on the West Coast.

Nonaka-Hill’s Hollywood neighborhood is home to several of L.A.’s distinguished design and art galleries, including Regen Projects, Tanya Bonakdar, Various Small Fires, Diane Rosenstein, Jeffrey Deitch, Michael Kohn, David Kordansky, as well as Pace Gallery. Nonaka-Hill is situated in a mini-mall which includes restaurants. Petit Trois is located opposite of the Osteria Mozza at the intersection of Melrose & Highland.

Both Exhibitions run from September 30, 2023 – November 4, 2023; Tuesday – Sunday, noon – 7:00pm

What: New Exhibitions at both galleries open now
Where: Nonaka-Hill Melrose Ave., 6917 Melrose Ave., LA; 90038; Noaka-Hill Highland, 720 N. Highland Avenue, LA 90038
When: Running through November 4, 2023

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