Timothy Hawkinson Gallery celebrated the opening of  a group show titled New Paintings of Ordinary Incidents on July 28, 2023. The exhibitions runs through September 16, 2023.

New Paintings of Ordinary Incidents

One by one, days go by. Turning into weeks, then months, eventually years and decades. In this inevitable march of time it is nearly impossible to not fall into routines, to get accustomed to surroundings without giving them a second thought. Despite being mundane, these spans are often still busy, yet things become expected. That is the starting point for this exhibition: the overlooked, interstitial passages, where the bulk of life takes place.

The six artists in this exhibition make paintings that closely scrutinize the ordinary, a process that can be unnerving. We take for granted the way things are. Disturbing oddities and unexpected beauty can be found lurking.

The Artists, New Paintings of Ordinary Incidents

Kristin Calabrese

“My realistic oil paintings tell the truth when I can’t,” said Kristin Calabrese. “They elucidate conflicts between how I think things should be vs. how things seem to be.”

Jonathon Hornedo

Hornedo has made a recent series of enlarged still life paintings, looming at eight by six feet in size, and picturing both recognizable and unnamable elements.  They dramatize the banality of domesticity.

Laura Krifka

Everything But an artwork by Laura Krifka presents a chrome sink before a mirror in a typical kitchen. The mirror seems to reflect the scene into an almost infinity. The familiar very quickly appears strange, uncanny. all them.

Jake Kean Mayman

This artist makes paintings that investigate the objects and systems that serve as both filter and lens, mediating our interactions with, and experiences of, the broader world.

Cait Porter

The paintings of Cait Porter feature mundane household objects, gently caressed in soft light and shadow. Memories as well as fears and anxieties emanate from these images.

Paul Pretzer

Pretzer adroitly and perpetually strikes a balance in his painted images between humor and uneasiness. Viewers find that they are unsure whether to laugh or be disturbed.

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On view: July 28 – September 16, 2023; Open Wednesday to Saturday – Noon to 6pm (and by appointment)

What: New Paintings of Ordinary Incidents
Where: Timothy Hawkinson Gallery, 7424 Beverly Blvd., LA, 90036
When: Running through Sept 16, 2023
Website: https://www.timothyhawkinsongallery.com/