MEY presents In The Company of Solitude, a solo exhibition of work by Chicago-based artist Thérèse Mulgrew. An opening art party was held on November 9, 2023. However the exhibition runs through December 15, 2023.

Mey Thérèse Mulgrew

The exhibition follows a day in the life of a young woman. The presented paintings explore how the quest for companionship can ultimately lead one to savor the solitude of their own company.

Mey Joaquín Stacey-Calle

The exhibition is inspired by an essay written by the artist over the course of 24 hours. Her paintings reflect her sentiment that at times, “there is a feeling of loneliness even in the presence of others.” Featuring a man and woman in three main settings—a bedroom, kitchen table, and pool hall—the paintings offer an intimate view of these characters. However, they never divulge exactly what type of relationship between the share with one another. The paintings maintain a deeply cinematic atmosphere while oscillating between the artist’s signature warm hues and cooler tones. Paintings such as Morning Journal and Breakfast capture the cool solace of an early morning spent alone. All the while other artworks such as Late Night and Late Night II exude the warm intimacy of an evening embrace.

Embodying the painterly prowess of the great figurative artists that came before her, Thérèse imbues classic portraiture with a notably contemporary feel. Punctuated with universally recognizable devices like a half a cup of coffee, an unlit cigarette, or a burning candle, In The Company of Solitude features quotidian objects lingering in suspended moments of action.

About MEY

The gallery was born of the idea that contemporary art is a communal endeavor. MEY aims to create a space where passionate art enthusiasts feel empowered to engage earnestly with the work of emerging artists today.

Founded by two women determined to help dispel some of the art world’s elusivity, MEY seeks to build a community. Specifically, a community that upholds the belief that art is inherently a series of exchanges. It starts with the artist which transfers to the artwork, then artwork to viewer, and so on.

On view: November 9, 2023 – December 15, 2023; RSVP to to attend the free event

What: In The Company of Solitude, Thérèse Mulgrew
Where: MEY, 8967 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 90069 (new address)
When: Running through December 15, 2023

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