On Tuesday January 9, 2024, MEY debuted two new exhibitions. Chaos II by Tehran based artist Reza Nosrati, as well as Pyrogenesis, by San Francisco based artist Abigail McCallum will be celebrated from 5-8pm. Both exhibitions will run through February 13, 2024.

Mey Joaquín Stacey-Calle

MEY Abigail McCallum

Pyrogenesis is a solo exhibition of abstract paintings by San Francisco based artist Abigail McCallum. This is the artist’s first exhibition in Los Angeles. Rich and atmospheric, the paintings of Pyrogenesis invite viewers to float between the realms of abstraction and realism, movement and stasis, and the earthly and the celestial.

Distilling her background as a classically trained ballerina into her artistic practice, Abigail creates visual rhapsodies that oscillate between improvisation and deliberation. The artist approaches her paintings with raw spontaneity by laying down an improvised base layer of oil paint upon which she builds. Her painterly approach is a method of call and response, in which visual problems arise and resolve as her paintings unfold.

MEY Abigail McCallum,

Artwork by Abigail McCallum, Reza Nosrati,

Reza Nosrati

Chaos II is a solo exhibition of recent paintings by Tehran based artist Reza Nosrati. In ancient Greek mythology, Chaos is the empty yet energetically charged space at the beginning of time. Also regarded as an airborne goddess, Chaos has come to be symbolized by birds. Additionally, in this exhibition, the artist visualizes this revered yet elusive subject; expanding upon his ongoing series of the same name. Chaos II features kaleidoscopic birds in flight against prismatic and undulating backgrounds.

About MEY

The gallery was born of the idea that contemporary art is a communal endeavor. MEY aims to create a space where passionate art enthusiasts feel empowered to engage earnestly with the work of emerging artists today.

Founded by two women determined to help dispel some of the art world’s elusivity, MEY seeks to build a community. Specifically, a community that upholds the belief that art is inherently a series of exchanges. It starts with the artist which transfers to the artwork, then artwork to viewer, and so on.

On view: January 9, 2024 – February 13, 2024; RSVP to info@meygallery.com to attend the free event

What: Abigail McCallum, Reza Nosrati
Where: MEY, 8967 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, 90069 (new address)
When: February 13, 2024, 5:00 – 8:00pm
Website: https://www.meygallery.com/

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