Regen Projects presents “On site,” the first exhibition with Kevin Beasley. The gallery hosted an opening reception on May 7, 2022. Remember to check with the gallery for up-to-date covid protocols and guidelines – (proof of vaccination and masks MAY be required).

This will be Kevin Beasley’s first solo gallery show in Los Angeles. With a multidisciplinary practice that incorporates sculpture, drawing, installation, sound, music, and performance, the artist probes the material and cultural conditions that shape our perception of history. His ability to alchemize ordinary material— specifically personal artifacts and articles of clothing—into sculptures that are simultaneously transcendent and familiar has placed him at the vanguard of artistic and cultural thought.

This exhibition presents an ambitious new sound sculpture in the form of a modified utility pole that rises high into the gallery. A focal point of the exhibition, the work provides a source of light as well as sound, which emanates from a network of  speakers placed throughout the space and on the rooftop.Consisting of field recordings Beasley gathered in a variety of locations, these sounds connect the experience of the work, here in its present context, to any number of potential places. A similar sculpture, first presented as part of Prospect New Orleans earlier this year, occupies a plot of land Beasley purchased in the Lower Ninth Ward. In both works, what started as a ubiquitous marker of urban infrastructure is materially altered and reimagined in terms of what such an object could be. This very act of creative reinterpretation invites unlimited possibilities and future applications.

On View: May 7, 2022 – June 25, 2022

What: “On site,” Kevin Beasley
Where: Regen Projects, 6750 Santa Monica Blvd., LA 90038
Phone: 310 276-5424